What’s The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide

If you’re planning to hit the road with your dog and enjoy some adventurous traveling, or perhaps experience a few fun weeks of camping out in nature, then you may want to invest in a quality travel bed for your pooch.

Not only do these beds come with key features that make them tougher and more durable than the average indoor dog bed, but they’re usually designed to roll, fold, or pack down into a smaller, more convenient size so they won’t take up more room than they need to.

In this guide, we’re going to show you some of the best dog travel beds currently on the market, so let’s take a closer look at what’s available.

# 1 – Ruffwear Highlands Backpacking Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 1

If you’re planning to take your dog on a real adventure, then this highlands backpacking bed is the ideal choice.

It comes with a very lightweight design that adds very little to your overall load, but it still offers plenty of extra warmth thanks to the use of synthetic insulation. It’s also tough and durable on the base, so it can be used on a wide range of surfaces without any concern.

Importantly, the bed will compress down to a much smaller size, so you’ll be able to stuff it into your backpack without any hassle, which is certainly a very important feature if you’re going to be backpacking with your dog on a long hiking trip.

In terms of measurements, this bed comes in at 35 by 26 inches, and it can be packed down to just 12 x 4 inches.

# 2 – Mountainsmith K-9 Dog Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 2

This portable bed from Mountainsmith is best suited for medium to larger dogs, so any dog between 20 lbs and 65 lbs should find this bed nice and comfortable.

It uses a brushed twill layer on the top which should be comfortable for your dog to lie on, and the underneath relies on a weather resistant layer that’s surprisingly durable in most common traveling situations.

Additionally, the unique hexagon design gives your dog a nice, comfortable area to curl up in, and it’s a design that most dogs will take to quickly.

The bed is fully machine washable, which makes your life much easier when it comes to keeping it clean, and there’s also a convenient stuff sack that helps you to keep it safe when not in use.

# 3 – Kurgo Loft Wander Dog Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 3

The Kurgo brand makes a range of quality dog products, and this particular travel bed is a reliable choice for any dog owner who needs a compact, effective dog bed that’s easy to travel with.

It comes in two different size choices, either medium or large, and it relies on a non-slip bottom to keep it nice and secure on the floor, along with a waterproof coating that’ll stop any dampness from soaking through.

Additionally, it uses a waterproof microtomic ripstop material for the rest of the bed which keeps it very durable and suitable for outdoor use, along with a 140 msg polytech fill that’ll keep your dog warm and snug.

It’s also worth noting that the bed comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, too.

# 4 – DogHelios Trail-Barker Multi-Surface Travel Dog Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 4

The DogHelious Trail-Barker bed is a top choice for traveling, particularly if you’re going to be enjoying camping trips with your dog.

The bed comes with “black shark” technology, which simply means that it’s been constructed to be waterproof, windproof, and fully impermeable. Additionally, it promises to retain heat in the cold weather, as well as keep your dog cool in warmer weather.

Another neat feature of this bed is its ability to connect with other beds of the same design, which allows you to link them together to provide a bigger surface area for your dog (or multiple dogs, for that matter).

There’s also a useful nylon carrying strap which makes it easy to carry around with you, and it’s also surprisingly lightweight as well which is another bonus.

# 5 – Canine Hardware Travel Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 5

Here’s a popular and affordable pet travel bed from a company called Canine Hardware, and it comes with a durable construction that makes it well-suited for traveling with your dog.

The polyester microfiber top feels nice and soft for your dog to lie or sleep on, and it also benefits from a suede feel that your dog will likely appreciate very quickly. On the bottom, you’ll find ripstop nylon covering that helps to keep it tough durable on a variety of surfaces.

Of course, the bed is easy to maintain thanks to its ability to be washed in the machine, and you’ll be pleased to know that the double offset quilting means that it doesn’t shift around in the wash, so it doesn’t clump up after washing as you might have expected.

In terms of dimensions, this bed measures in at 30″ by 39″, making it best for small to medium breeds. It also comes with a useful nylon stuff sack for easy portability.

# 6 – Ruffwear Highlands Pad Portable Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 6

The Ruffwear brand are a great company to turn to when it comes to durable dog beds, and this particular portable option is a very convenient solution for traveling of all kinds.

It comes with a size of 35 by 26 inches, but it’ll quickly compress down to 12 by 4 inches to place it inside the included stuff pack, so you could easily store this bed in another backpack or carry it by itself with the greatest of ease.

The fabric is very tough and durable thanks to the use of a polyester shell material, which also ensures the bed is quick-drying and very resistant to water in the first place. What’s more, you can usually clean it with a simple shake with good results.

Despite the lightweight construction, it still manages to keep your dog warm and cozy, too.

# 7 – Coleman Roll-Up Waterproof Travel Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 7

This waterproof travel bed uses a “roll up” design that makes it quick and easy to unroll when you’re traveling, and it even comes with some convenient handles that make it comfortable to carry, too.

The bed is just as durable as you’d hope to see, and it uses a durable waterproof ripstop nylon top combined with a waterproof non-skid bottom, so you can rest assured that it won’t slip and slide across the floor when your dog lies down on it.

Furthermore, the bed relies on a polyester filling to keep your dog nice and comfy, but you can still machine wash it without any worry about its overall durability.

# 8 – PetMaker Roll Up Travel Portable Dog Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 8

Here’s a portable and convenient travel bed that rolls up for easy transportation purposes, and it also comes with handle and loop fasteners for added ease and security.

The bed features a faux fur covering that a dog will enjoy snuggling on, and it also has a canvas surface on the other side that helps to give it some further durability.

Another nice aspect of the bed is the interlocking memory foam which stops the foam parts of the bed from shifting, compressing, or sagging over time – so it manages to stay surprisingly durable in most cases.

# 9 – Hero Dog Dog Bed Mat

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 9

This washable dog bed/mat is designed as a crate pad, but it can also serve as a useful travel bed depending on how you’re going to be traveling with your dog.

It comes in many different sizes, ranging all the way from 21 inches to 55 inches, with many different sizes in between. You can also choose from several different color choices as well.

The construction quality of the bed is generally very good, and it benefits from a durable plush fleece to keep your dog warm and comfortable, along with an anti-slip base that keeps it firmly secured to your dog’s crate or any other surface it happens to be on.

# 10 – Lightspeed Outdoors Self Inflating Travel Dog Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 10

Here’s an excellent travel bed that comes with a self-inflating design that makes it a great choice for traveling and general transportation purposes.

It comes in two different color options, and the size of 32″ by 42″ makes it suitable for most popular dog breeds without too much trouble.

Furthermore, the bed is nice and comfy for your dog thanks to the inflatable design that gives it some reliable cushioning, and it also features a fleece top that makes it warm for your dog to snuggle on.

It’s nice to know that the bed comes with an additional one-year warranty from the manufacturer, and it’s also puncture and water resistant for added durability, while also being safe for cleaning in the machine.

# 11 – Paws & Pals Steel-Framed Portable Elevated Pet Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 11

Here’s a well-reviewed dog bed that comes in either medium or large sizes, and its space-saving design makes it a valid choice for many different traveling scenarios.

The elevated design is certainly very comfortable and supportive for your dog, and it also gives you the added benefit of keeping your dog off the floor when you’re outdoors.

Furthermore, it’s no great trouble to disassemble and reassemble the bed in barely any time at all, so you can pack it away easily for when you’re traveling, or for when you’re looking to save some extra space in your vehicle.

It’s also straightforward to keep the bed clean due to the design, making it easy to wipe down with some soapy water, and it’s fully waterproof, too.

# 12 – Doggles Travel Dog Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 12

Here’s a convenient travel dog bed from Doggles, which comes with a comfortable microfiber top that should keep your dog dry and cozy, while the nylon bottom gives it some added toughness and resilience.

In terms of sizing, it comes in just the one size which measures 39 by 30 inches, making it a decent size for most common dog breeds.

The bed is surprisingly durable thanks to its construction, and it’s both water and stain resistant, so it should hold up well between cleanings. Of course, you can always wipe it down to keep it clean, but it’s also possible to wash it in the washing machine for a deeper clean as well.

# 13 – PetMaker Portable Travel Folding Pet Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 13

This portable travel bed from Petmaker comes in a stylish folding design with handle, which makes it easy and convenient to carry around with you, and it also comes in two different color choices as well.

Importantly, the bed comes with a removable cover that’s made from 100% polyester, and the zipper also makes it easy to remove for cleaning when needed.

Inside the bed, you’ll find a simple yet effective polyurethane foam that’s generally comfortable enough for most dogs to enjoy, and as long as you’re on a dry surface, it should work well enough.

The measurements when opened come in at 22 by 35 inches, but it’ll fold down into 22 by 17.5 inches which allows for better storage and transportation.

# 14 – He&Ha Pet Dog Blanket

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 14

If you’d prefer a simple blanket-style bed for your pet to lie on when you’re traveling, then this solution from He&Ha Pet may be the ideal solution for you.

The blanket is certainly very well made, and it relies on a soft Sherpa material to keep your dog nice and comfortable, and it also makes it suitable for a wide range of uses such as crate lining, covering furniture, or as an impromptu bed whenever you’re traveling.

Just as you’d expect, the blanket is very simple and easy to carry around thanks to the built-in storage bag which also has a useful handle.

Cleaning the blanket is no great difficulty, although it’s best to wash it by hand if possible. Alternatively, you can use it on a cold machine wash.

Finally, the blanket measures in at 47 by 35 inches, giving you plenty of space for most uses.

# 15 – PetMaker Roll Up Travel Portable Dog Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 15

If you’re on a tighter budget, then this very affordable option from PetMaker is an option to consider.

One of its best features is the very low price, but it still offers your dog a comfortable polyurethane foam that’ll keep them happy, and the polyester coating is also durable enough, considering the cost.

It comes in a couple of different color choices (either blue or coral), and it measures in at 24 by 37 inches once it’s fully unrolled. However, it packs down into a smaller size of 24 by 7.5 inches when you roll it up, which makes it easier to transport or store while you’re not using it.

# 16 – Favorite Portable Roll Up Waterproof Dog Bed Mat

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 16

This portable bed by Favorite is designed to be a good option for campers, but it can equally work in crates, cars, or carriers without any worry at all.

The bed features a 100% waterproof Oxford polyester material that’ll hold up when you’re outdoors, and the filling is comprised of a 100% polypropylene cotton which is comfy enough for most dogs to enjoy, and it’ll certainly be more comfortable for your dog if you’re on a camping trip.

The bed is easy enough to clean, and the waterproof fabric means it cleans up nicely with a simple wipe over with a cloth.

When it comes to the dimensions, the bed comes in at 33.5 by 27.5 inches, and it can fold down to 27.5 by 10 inches for easy storage.

# 17 – Carlson Pet Products Elevated Folding Pet Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 17

Here’s a somewhat larger and sturdier bed that may not be the best for a quick camping trip, but it’s definitely a solid choice if you’re seeking a bed that’ll give your dog great comfort while you’re traveling or spending time outdoors.

The design is of the “fold and go” variety, making it easy to move around when needed, and it’ll fold out to a respectable 46.5 by 24 inches, while also giving you 7 inches of height to keep your dog off the floor.

In general, it’s a great choice for medium to large breed dogs, and it’ll support any pooch up to around 95 pounds without any problems.

# 18 – K&H Pet Products Travel/SUV Pet Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 18

When you’re traveling with your dog in a car or SUV, it might be a useful solution to add a travel bed that’ll give you a quick and convenient location for your dog to lie down and sleep inside the vehicle itself.

It’s available in two sizes, either small or large, as well as two different color choices. It’s also very comfortable for your dog, and there’s even a bolster that surrounds the edges of the bed, giving your pooch a nice place to rest their head for additional comfort.

You’ll find that it’s pretty straightforward to wash and generally care for, and it’s also worth noting that the bed comes with a one-year limited warranty from the creator.

# 19 – Mud River The Frisco Travel Dog Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 19

Here’s an interesting travel bed from Mud River, and it features a wax canvas exterior that makes it a little different than the average travel bed, and it also lends great durability to it.

The bed will easily fold down into a smaller size, and it comes with 2 locking straps that make it simple to carry around for however long you need to.

Importantly, the design uses 3 inches of condensed EVA to provide great support, so it’s somewhat harder and tougher than the average bed. Of course, this means it’ll give added comfort for most dog breeds, but especially the larger dogs.

# 20 – HeroDog Waterproof Dog Blanket

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 20

Here’s a waterproof dog blanket that’ll also work as a quick, portable bed if you’re only going to be using it to give your dog a nicer play to lie down when you’re traveling or camping.

The blanket is of a very nice quality, and it comes with a microfleece side that will feel cozy and pleasant for your dog to enjoy. Furthermore, the fleecy surface is easy to clean, and a simple brush over will get rid of any lingering dog hair.

The size of the blanket is also generous enough to accommodate several smaller dogs or a single bigger one, and there’s also a storage bag that helps you to keep it safely tucked away when it’s not in use.

# 21 – One for Pets Indoor/Outdoor Roll-up Travel Bed

What's The Best Traveling Dog Bed? Our In-Depth Guide 21

Here’s a roll-up travel bed that can be used for either indoor or outdoor purposes, and it also comes in two different size options, either small or large.

The small option measures in at 18 by 24 inches, while the large version measures 36 by 48 inches, giving you a solution for most dog breeds you’re likely to own.

The bed is made from polyester fibers which do a great job of wicking moisture away, and it’ll dry remarkably quickly as well, so it should be a useful option for outdoor use.

Furthermore, the material promises to be resistant to sunlight, stains, abrasion, and more, so it should hold up well over time.

Looking to buy a travel dog bed? If so, our guide reveals the top options on the market, and highlights the top 5 that won\'t let you down.