What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide

If you’re looking for a classic toy for your dog, then look no further than the humble dog ball.

These toys can be chased, chewed, fetched, and carried around with pride by your dog, and they’re one of those essential toys that’ll quickly become a favorite.

In this guide, we’re going to share several of the best dog balls, each of which has unique, fun, and interesting characteristics to offer your dog. With this in mind, let’s get straight to it.

The Best Dog Balls For 2020

# 1 – West Paw Jive Zogoflex Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 1

Here’s a highly durable dog ball that comes with a guarantee against damage caused by your dog, and this should give you some peace of mind, particularly if you have a tough chewer who usually makes light work of their toys.

Furthermore, the unique shape of the ball means it bounces unpredictably compared to a standard ball, and this also contributes to the entertainment value it can offer.

In terms of construction, it’s made from safe materials that shouldn’t harm your dog, and the durability is one of the key reasons why this is an excellent choice. It’s also worth noting that the toy will float in water as well!

# 2 – West Paw Zogoflex Air Boz Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 2

Here’s a tennis-ball style toy from West Paw Design which benefits from a hardwearing, durable construction that should live up to the billing of being ‘nearly indestructible’.

However, the ball is also surprisingly lightweight which makes it safe for your dog to catch in midflight without causing any damage to their teeth or gums. It can also bounce without any trouble, and this makes it fun for playing on a variety of terrains.

Size-wise, it’s available in both small or large options, which measure in at 2.5″ and 4″ respectively. Overall, this ball is a great choice if you’re playing fetch with your dog, and it’s unlikely to disappoint.

# 3 – Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 3

Here’s an interesting ball made by ‘Chuckit!  and it’s available in both small and large sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of dog breeds.

The ball is similar to the average soccer ball but the unique shape of the ball makes it easy for any dog to pick up, carry, and play with. The construction quality is very sturdy and reliable, and it features a puncture-resistant foam core that prevents your dog from destroying the toy too quickly.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the shape means it’s great for kicking as well, so it’s a useful ball for playing in a field or park with your dog. The bright color makes it easy to stand out on the grass, and it will also float in water without any worries.

# 4 – KONG Extreme Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 4

If you’re looking for an extremely durable and hard-wearing dog ball then this option from Kong is a great option to pick.

It’s specifically designed to be puncture-resistant, and it also comes with the ability to bounce, so it can be used for a variety of fun games with your dog.

The construction is certainly very good, and it’s made exclusively in the USA, too. In terms of size, the medium/large model has a diameter of around 3 inches, making it suitable for most breeds, although there is a small version available as well.

# 5 – OurPets IQ Interactive Treat Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 5

If you’re looking for a ball-like toy that gives your dog more stimulation and interactivity, then this ‘IQ Treat Ball’ from OurPets is a great option.

It comes in two different sizes, but more importantly, it allows you to stuff your dog’s favorite treats into the toy, which will be gradually released while your dog plays and rolls the toy around the floor.

What’s more, you can adjust the difficulty level of the toy to provide your dog with a further challenge as they become more adept at releasing the treats, and this feature goes a long way towards giving the toy some extra longevity.

# 6 – KONG Stuff-A-Ball Dog Toy

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 6

Here’s a fun stuff-a-ball toy from Kong which happens to be a well-designed item that’s great for entertaining your dog for many hours.

It comes in small, medium, and large sizes, and the ridges along the sides of the toy are perfect for adding in some paste or other small treats that give your dog a fun and rewarding challenge.

The ridges help to massage your dog’s gums and teeth which is useful for their dental care. Most buyers find that it’s a useful toy to have in their arsenal when they’re looking to entertain their dog for a little longer than normal, although it may not always withstand the most aggressive chewing.

# 7 – West Paw Design Rando Squeezy Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 7

Here’s another great ball toy from the West Paw Design brand, and it comes with an ‘eggplant’ shape that gives it some extra stability than the average ball. Just as you’d expect, this makes it easier for your dog to hold and play with. However, it won’t ‘roll’ around so easily as a true ball shape would.

Of course, the odd shape also gives it an erratic bounce that can help to increase the fun and entertainment that it offers your dog when you’re playing fetch. It’s made from the usual durable material from the Zogoflex line, and it will also float, so there’s no harm in using it for water-based games with your dog.

# 8 – Gnawsome Squeaker Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 8

This peculiar looking ball toy certainly doesn’t follow a conventional design, but the bright colors and textured design add plenty of appeal that makes it more interesting for your dog to play with.

It comes with an internal squeaker that’s useful for keeping your dog occupied for longer, and the spiky texture is great for massaging your dog’s gums while keeping their dental condition in better shape.

Size-wise, the ball measures at around 3.5″ which makes it a convenient size for most medium breeds, although you can purchase it in a few other different sizes which may be better suited to your breed. Many owners find that their dog becomes obsessed with the toy, and it’s definitely a favorite of many dogs due to its unique design and textures.

# 9 – ChuckIt! Durable Breathe Right Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 9

Some dogs can struggle to breathe correctly when they’re holding a ball in their mouth, but this ‘breathe right’ fetch ball from ChuckIt! promises to deliver a solution to this issue.

The ball is hollow in the middle and it comes with several gaps that allow your dog to comfortably breathe while they’re holding the toy, making it a fantastic option for playing fetch with.

In terms of sizing, it comes in small, medium, and large sizes to suit any breed you’re buying for, and it’s durable enough to last for some time. Additionally, the ball can float so it’s a safe option for playing in or near water.

# 10 – Chuckit! Fetch Medley Balls

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 10

Here’s a 3-pack of balls that each have something special and unique about them, so it’s well worth buying the package to give your dog some variety. In each pack, you’ll receive a Max Glow, Whistler, and a Rebounce Ball.

The materials are of high quality, and you can trust that they’re all well-constructed and build to a high standard which shouldn’t disappoint.

Each ball is perfectly compatible with the ball launchers made by the same company, and they come in either a 2.5″ or 2″ size depending on whether you purchase the small or medium package.

The balls are a great option if you already own the Chuckit! device, but it’s not essential for having plenty of fun with these balls.

# 11 – CHUCKIT Max Glow Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 11

One of the most fun toys from the Chuckit! product line happens to be the Max Glow Ball, and this item can be purchased by itself for easy convenience if it’s the only one you want.

It comes in several size options ranging from small to extra-large, and the ‘glow in the dark’ feature makes it great fun in those twilight hours. The quality materials used for its construction mean that it should last for quite some time.

The ball is fully compatible with the Chuckit! launcher as well, so it’s good to use it with this, too.

# 12 – KONG Air Squeakair Birthday Balls

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 12

If you’re looking for some cheap yet surprisingly good quality balls that you can keep laying around the house or yard, then these squeak balls from Kong are a good choice.

They’re available in either packs of 3 which means you won’t have to worry too if you lose one, and they’re an ideal toy for playing fetch as the size is roughly approximate to a standard tennis ball. The internal squeaker is another nice perk which is great for getting your dog’s attention.

While most buyers are happy with the quality on offer here, it’s worth noting that these aren’t the most durable balls on the market, so they won’t withstand tough chewers for a very long time. But for the price, they’re certainly a good purchase for most dog owners.

# 13 – Snug Rubber Dog Balls

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 13

Here’s another collection of rubber dog balls which promise to be ‘virtually indestructible’ and they’re tougher than the average tennis ball design.

You’ll get 3 of the balls in each pack and they have a variety of bright colors to give them some variation. The plastic foam is of a ‘food grade’ quality, and it’s certainly very thick, tough, and durable.
The tennis ball size means that they’ll fit into most ball launcher toys as well.

Again, it’s important to note that these balls may not last forever if they’re being chewed on regularly, particularly if you own a bigger, tougher breed that has a lot of chewing strength.

# 14 – KONG Air Squeakair Tennis Balls

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 14

Kong makes some excellent ball toys, and this product uses the conventional tennis ball style design to give you something simple and versatile that will be great for playing games of fetch. They have an internal squeaker that’s easy to use, and the non-abrasive external surface is gentle on your dog’s teeth as well.

In general, this is a basic ball that gives you just what you’re expecting for a very affordable price, and the low cost is certainly one of the best features, while still being superior to a tennis ball thanks to the internal squeaker and non-abrasive surface.

It’s also possible to buy them in different sizes, which is useful if you have a smaller breed that can’t carry a standard tennis ball size.

# 15 – ChuckIt! Whistler Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 15

The Chuckit! Whistler ball is a great deal of fun if you’re playing fetch with your dog, as it’ll emit a whistling sound in the air which can cause a lot of excitement for your dog.

The toy works well if you own a ball thrower, but nothing is stopping you from using the ball by itself if you choose to.

It’s made from a durable rubber that’s strong enough to withstand some chewing, and the bright color is particularly useful for improving its visibility on the grass.It’s also capable of delivering a satisfying bounce, so your dog will certainly enjoy chasing it.

# 16 – KONG Squeezz Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 16

Here’s another excellent ball toy from Kong which is available in many different sizes, so it’s no trouble to find one that’ll cater to your dog’s breed and size.

It’s very easy to ‘squeak’ and the recessed squeaker stays nice and protected inside.The shape and texture of the ball mean that it has a fun and erratic bounce that’ll entertain your dog and give you some exciting games of fetch.

The ball is very durable, just as you’d expect from most toys by Kong, and it’s also a pretty affordable option to boot, so you won’t have to break to bank to buy a few of these balls if you want several of them.

According to most buyers,
it’s a quality item that gives your dog a lot of fun, although the squeaker can grow a little tiresome if this becomes your dog’s main chew toy!

# 17 – Jolly Pets Romp n Roll Rope Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 17

If you’re looking for a ball toy that comes with a rope, then here’s a great option that’s well worth your consideration. It comes with an easy-grip rope that makes it easy for a variety of fun and games, and it’s also nice to know that the ball won’t deflate if it’s punctured either.

As you’d expect, you can use the ball in a range of new ways as the toy is suitable for being carried, thrown, kicked, tugged, and more. However, the ball is still best suited for dogs of at least 60 lbs or over.

# 18 – Monster K9 Indestructible Dog Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 18

This ball toy uses some of the toughest rubber you’re likely to find in any dog toy, so it manages to live up the hype of being an ‘indestructible’ in most cases.

The ball is very bouncy, so it’ll keep the attention of your dog whenever you’re playing fetch just as long as you’re on a reasonably hard surface.

The majority of buyers are very pleased with the quality and durability that this ball offers.

# 19 – KONG Ball Toy

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 19

Here’s a classic ball toy from Kong which comes in several different sizes, making it suitable for any breed of dog.

As you’d expect, it’s a reliable and hard-wearing toy that delivers the basic features you’re looking for in a quality ball, but it also comes with the added benefit of an internal hole that allows you to stuff treats or Kong paste inside, and this can make it more fun for your dog.

In terms of construction, it’s made from a natural rubber that’s resistant to puncture, and it’ll also bounce very easily, making it a top choice for games of fetch.

# 20 – KONG Jumbler Football

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 20

Here’s a football-shaped dog toy that comes with handles on either side to make it easy to throw for your dog, and it’s also easy to shake the toy to get your dog’s attention thanks to the tumbling ball inside.

It comes with a squeaker which helps to keep your dog’s attention when they have the ball in their mouth, and they’ll certainly have a great time squeezing and chewing on the toy once they’ve caught it. Overall, it’s a nice option for a medium to large-sized breed, especially if you have some room to throw it further.

# 21 – Nerf Dog Ridged Rubber Football Toy

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 21

The classic Nerf Dog brand is a great option to turn to when you’re looking for a quality toy, and this is another football-shaped toy that many dogs will have a great time with.

It comes in a bright neon green color that gives it great visibility and it’s constructed from a durable rubber that should last for a long time.

In terms of size, the toy measures 7 inches long and it comes with easy-grip edges that make it easy for both you and your dog to pick up even if it gets damp outside. It’s also very weather-resistant, too.

Overall, this is a quality toy that’s great fun for playing fetch and the simple yet durable design makes it a winner with most owners.

# 22 – Hartz Dura Play Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 22

This ball toy comes in many different sizes ranging from small to large, and it’s well-made thanks to its natural latex construction that gives it great durability.

The internal construction is made from a unique foam technology that makes it fun for your dog to chew, and it also ensures the ball has a satisfying bounce, making it a versatile option for both chewing and playing fetch.

It’s worth noting that the ball can float on water, it squeaks, and it comes with a tasty bacon flavoring to further entertain your dog, so it ticks many boxes. When it comes to chewing, it’s best suited to light to moderate chewers, so it’s best for puppies or senior dogs rather than the toughest chewers.

# 23 – Pelay Treat Dispensing Dog Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 23

This two-pack of soft rubber balls from Pelay greencome with soft ‘teeth’ that can be used to hold treats or kibble, and this makes the toy more interactive. It also has a hollow center which can be used to hold larger treats, too.

The rubber design is fairly durable as well as being easy to clean, and the additional texture can also help to improve the health of your dog’s gums thanks to the extra massaging they’ll receive when they’re playing with the toy. Importantly, the rubber material is also non-toxic, so it can’t pose any harm to your dog.

# 24 – Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 24

Here’s a fun and unique ball toy that makes sounds and giggles whenever it’s rolled or shaken, and it’s sure to give your dog some extra fun and engagement compared to a standard ball.

There are 6 clutch pockets around the ball which make it easy for your dog to pick up and play with, and it’s also safe to use the ball either indoors or outdoors without any worry. While the ball is fairly durable, it may not be best suited to tough, powerful chewers who may be able to break it down quite quickly.Due to this fact, it’s wise to keep a close eye on your dog when they’re playing with this one.

# 25 – Jolly Pets 8″ Soccer Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 25

If you’re looking for a dog ball that you can kick, you may want to consider this option from Jolly Pets.

It comes in an 8″ size along with several different color choices, and the design means that it won’t deflate even if it becomes punctured, so its a superior option to a standard soccer ball in most cases, as it will always keep its shape.

Overall, this ball is a fun option to try if you want to play soccer with your dog, and it’s especially well-suited to bigger breeds who will likely get the most from this one.However, it is also available to purchase in a slightly smaller size as well.

# 26 – Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 26

Here’s a squeaker ball from ChuckIt! that comes with the same great build quality that you’d expect from this brand, but with the addition of an internal squeaker that adds some extra appeal for your dog.

The durable rubber construction means it’s suitable for stronger chewers, and it will also give you a pleasing bounce which makes it well-suited to games of fetch.It also floats, so you can use it in the pool as well.

It’s available in three different sizes, small, medium, or large, so there’s no trouble with finding the right size of ball for your dog’s breed.

# 27 – Nerf Dog Checker Squeak Rubber Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 27

Here’s a ball from Nerf Dog that comes with a checkered pattern design, with the ridges helping your dog to pick the ball up as well as catch it.Ultimately, this feature helps your dog get a better grip on the ball, which is very useful for certain breeds who are prone to cover their toys in drool.

The ball is available in two different sizes, either 4 inches or 2.5 inches, and there are also two colors to choose from, either red or blue.

It’s made from food-grade rubber that’s safe for your dog to chew on, and it’s also tough and durable enough to withstand some chewing without too much concern unless your dog is a strong, aggressive chewer. The toy also comes with a squeaker inside, and this provides some extra interactivity and stimulation for your dog.

# 28 – Chew King Fetch Ball

What Are The Best Dog Balls? Our In-Depth Guide 28

This collection of balls from Chew King promise to be ‘extremely durable’, and they’re also the right size to fit into most ball launchers without any trouble.

The balls are strong enough to handle some chewing from a powerful dog, and they deliver a satisfyingly high bounce which makes them suitable for fun games of fetch as well.

There’s an air vent through the center of the ball which aids airflow when your dog is carrying the ball in their mouth, and you can also stuff some treats inside the ball which adds another level to the entertainment it can offer your dog. Want the best dog ball for your furry buddy? If so, this guide reveals the best options on the market. These won\'t let you down. Come take a look.