What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks

If you’re planning to take your dog out in your vehicle, then it’ll be important to make sure you’re using a suitable dog seat belt or harness to keep them safe and secure while you’re on the move.

Of course, some dogs can become quite excitable when they’re in the car, and this can certainly interfere with safe driving, so a quality seat belt or car harness is a must.

Fortunately, there are several high-quality and incredibly reliable dog seatbelt and car harnesses on the market that’ll do a great job of keeping your dog secure without making them uncomfortable. In this guide, we’re going to highlight many of the best options available, so let’s get straight to it.

# 1 – Leash Boss Dog Car Seat Belt

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 1

If you’re looking for a simple yet hard wearing seat belt restraint, this option from Leash Boss is a great option to consider.

It uses a durable nylon construction that covers the steel rope inside, and this ultimately means that it’s incredibly durable, so your dog won’t be able to chew through it no matter how hard they try.

Additionally, the design attaches to a safety latch bar rather than a regular seatbelt, which gives you much more confidence in the security that it offers. For added convenience, you can simply clip the other end of the seat belt restraint onto your dog’s harness.

It’s available in five different sizes which give you options to suit most breeds of dog, and it’s also nice to see that the product comes with a respectable five-year manufacturer warranty to protect against defects.

# 2 – EzyDog CLICK Dog Seat Belt

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 2

Here’s an excellent and very well-reviewed dog seat belt attachment from EzyDog, and it’s very easy to use thanks to the intuitive ‘click and go’ design features.

All you need to do is connect the seatbelt attachment into your car’s existing seat belt holster, and it’ll connect nicely to your dog’s harness vest or EzyDog harness for added convenience.

Most buyers are very happy with the overall effectiveness of the attachment, although it’ll be important to check the sizing first, to make sure it’s compatible with your car and your dog’s harness.

# 3 – EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 3

This high-quality dog travel harness from EzyDog is one of the best quality car harnesses you can buy for your dog, and it comes in three sizes, either small, medium, or large.

It’s engineered to last a very long time and you will notice that it uses quality materials throughout, which means you’ll find a reliable aluminum alloy that’s both lightweight and durable, and the webbing uses vehicle-tested seat belt webbing that’s known for its immense strength.

Furthermore, the harness features a chest plate section that’s nicely padded and contoured to your dog’s body, ensuring they have the utmost comfort when they’re wearing the harness. It also uses a very convenient ‘one-time fit’ closure system which means you can take the harness off and on very quickly, without having to readjust the fit each time.

Overall, there’s no denying that this is a high-quality, well-designed harness that certainly works very well indeed, and while it costs more than the average harness, it’s a good buy if you’re looking for something reliable that’s also built to last.

# 4 – Mighty Paw Safety Belt

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 4

Here’s another quality item from Mighty Paw, and it uses heavy-duty hardware and a rugged construction quality to ensure it lives up to its main job. It also uses aviation-grade aluminum which can withstand an impressive maximum force of around 400 kg.

Fortunately, the seat belt offers a reasonable degree of comfort as well, although you’ll need to attach it to your dog’s harness to use it effectively.

However, the quality clip makes it very convenient and quick to use, making it an effective option for many pet owners who need a reliable way to secure their dog in a vehicle safely.

# 5 – Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 5

This dog harness from Pawaboo comes in four different sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, as well as a wide variety of colors and designs to add some unique style to each harness.

It’s made from an Oxford fabric that’s comprised of 100% polyester for excellent durability and lightweight design, and this also helps to make it very easy when putting the harness on and off your dog without any trouble at all.

Importantly, it uses a sponge pad on the chest which gives further protection for your dog, and it helps to keep your pooch very comfortable wearing it, too.

The harness is incredibly easy to use, and it can connect to seat belts using the seatbelt attachment loop, making it very easy to securely restrain your dog in your vehicle without any hassle.

# 6 – Vastar Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 6

The simple yet effective harnesses can easily slot into your car’s seat belt holster, and the clip will latch onto your dog’s harness without any difficulty, making it very quick and easy to secure your dog with.

It’s important to note that the seat belt clip measures in at 2 centimeters, so you’ll need to make sure that this will fit your vehicle before you purchase.

In general, this is simple yet effective design for keeping your dog safely secured in your car, and you can use it to keep them sitting, standing, or lying down, depending on the amount of room that’s left available.

# 7 – Slowton Dog Car Harness

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 7

This harness from Slowton functions as both an adjustable vest and a seatbelt, giving you a great way to keep your dog comfortable and safe in your vehicle.

It’s available in many different colorful designs as well as many different sizes, so you should be able to pick a version that suits most breeds of dog, but particularly the smaller varieties.

The harness also features a quick release feature, which makes it quick and easy to let your dog out when you’ve arrived at your destination, and the extra adjustability of the harness makes it great for getting a comfortable and enjoyable fit for your dog, so it shouldn’t disturb them too much during the journey.

# 8 – Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 8

This harness from Solvit put a great emphasis on durability and comfort, and it’s even been stress tested for up to 3000 pounds, so you can rest assured that it will keep your dog safe and secure in the event of an emergency stop when you’re driving.

Of course, the padded vest area provides plenty of comfort thanks to the additional padding it comes with, and the multiple attachment points allow you to secure your dog whichever way you see fit.

It comes in four different size choices, which include small, medium, large, and extra-large – but it’s well worth taking some measurements to make sure you pick the version that’s most suitable for your dog.

Fortunately, the sizes cover most breeds ranging from the smallest of dogs between 6 and 25 pounds all the way up to larger dogs between 60 and 120 pounds.

# 9 – URPOWER Upgraded Dog Seat Belt

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 9

This pair of dog seat belts from Urpower use heavy-duty and very durable nylon fabric, along with a zinc alloy swivel snap that should give you great longevity over the long haul. It also benefits from a stainless clip and an anti-rust hook that further lend to the durability of this product.

It’s available in sizes ranging from small to large, giving you some freedom when it comes to picking the right size for your dog, and it also uses an elastic buffer which helps to take some of the shock out of any sudden jolts that may occur when driving, such as sharp breaks or quick turns.

The connection uses a universal fitting that should work with most vehicles, but it’s worth noting that it measures 0.83 inches in width, so it’ll be wise to check that it’ll work with your own car first.

# 10 – Way-Seven Dog Seat Belt Harness

This dog seat harness combination from Way-Seven is another affordable option that comes in several different colors and size choices, and it’s made from durable polyester and fabric that should keep your dog comfortable and relaxed while wearing it.

Several buyers note that the quality is better than they were expecting, especially compared to the alternative they may purchase from the pet store, and the wide range of different size choices makes it easy to pick an option that’s appropriate for your dog’s breed.

# 11 – Paws ‘n’ Claws Tangle Free Dog Tether

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 10

Here’s a vehicle tether that comes with a ‘tangle-free’ design that can quickly be attached to your car’s headrests which not only makes it very easy to install, but it also gives your dog some extra freedom without risking their safety.

The design is somewhat different from the usual seatbelt harness, and it’s a good choice for those dogs who don’t cope well with more restriction than is necessary.

Of course, the tether is fully adjustable from 20″ to 36″, which makes it fairly straightforward to fit in your car without giving your dog so much freedom as to get them in trouble.

The construction quality is also respectable, thanks to the metal hardware and the durable webbing.

# 12 – Bergan Dog Auto Harness With Tether

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 11

This harness and tether from Bergan comes in many, many different sizes, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble to pick a version that’ll be ideal for your breed of dog.

Furthermore, it uses a lightweight and comfortable harness that should be fine for longer journeys without bothering your dog too much, and the construction quality is very good, too. It also comes with two high-grade aluminum carabineers and an adjustable tether that won’t let you down.

In general, you can expect the harness to work well for withstanding the kinds of forces and inertia your dog is likely to feel when they’re in the car.

Another neat feature of this product is the simple one-hand installation and removal, which means it’s very fast and efficient for securing and releasing your dog without any hassle at all, and this can certainly be very useful for excited dogs.

# 13 – EzyDog Universal Dog Car Restraint

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 12

Here’s a very simple yet nonetheless effective universal dog car restraint, and it’s also very affordable as well.

It features a cold-rolled steel buckle attachment that’s incredibly easy to use, making it very quick and handy when you’re in a hurry, and its universal nature means it works in many different types of vehicle without much worry at all.

The material of the product relies on reinforced nylon that benefits from precision stitching, and it’s also resistant to abrasion, minimizing the wear and tear it might receive overtime.

Furthermore, it comes with a breaking strength of 2400lb, so it’s certainly tough and durable enough to serve its purpose well.

# 14 – Easy Rider Car Harness

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 13

Here’s a versatile option from Easy Rider that comes in many sizes, varying all the way from extra small to extra-large, giving your plenty of flexibility when you’re choosing an option that’ll work for your dog.

The quality of the item is certainly very good indeed, and it comes with reliable hardware that should last for a long time, along with a padded chest strap that ensures your dog stays nice and comfortable whenever they’re wearing it.

# 15 – OMORC Dog Seat Belt

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 14

These simple and affordable dog seat belts come in a 2-pack which gives you solid value for your money, and the nylon fabric is durable and strong enough to accommodate most smaller dogs in most cases.

The hardware is comprised of solid zinc alloy, and it even comes with a generous 12-month warranty, which is great to see at this low price point.

Of course, it’ll be important to make sure the clip is compatible with your car, but the adjustable nature of this product means it can be extended from 48.5 cm to 71cm, so it should be fine for most small to medium-sized breeds.

# 16 – Pets-N-Stuff Doggy Car Headrest Restraint

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 15

This headrest restraint is very easy to use if your car has a headrest that will allow for the product to fit over, and the adjustability of the design makes it simple to set it up very quickly, too.

Additionally, the nylon straps are designed to be tangle-free in their operation, and it’s also easy to fit and undo even if you’re in a rush.

The restraint is adjustable for your dog as well, and it can vary from 18 to 30 inches, allowing you to accommodate a variety of different dog breeds overall, and most dogs between 10lb and 100lb should be able to make use of this design.

# 17 – Friends Forever Dog Car Seat Belt

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 16

Here’s an affordable dog seat belt from Friends Forever, and it comes with two simple belt straps that are easy to adjust, and can be varied from 20 inches to 32 inches without much difficulty.

The clip is designed to be fairly universal and compatible with most vehicles, although it’s always wise to check with your own car to make sure the measurements will be satisfactory.

The belt is made from a quality nylon fabric along with an enhanced penta layer that gives it reliable durability and the strength to keep your dog safe in the car. The hardware is also made from a tough zinc alloy metal which should last for a long time.

# 18 – Mudder Pet Dog Seat Belt

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 17

This adjustable seat belt makes great use of a flexible nylon fabric that helps to keep your dog comfortable even when you’re accelerating or braking, and it’s certainly a nice upgrade from any seat belt that doesn’t offer this feature.

It’s easy to adjust, with the length varying from 52.5 cm to 77.5 cm, and the belt clip has a width of 2cm, which should work on most universal buckles without any trouble.

The nylon fabric is also tough and durable enough to rely on, and the nickel fittings promise to be fully rust-proof as well.

# 19 – Copatchy Dog Seatbelt Harness

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 18

Here’s a seatbelt harness that comes in several different color choices, and it’s also available in sizes ranging from small to extra large, so it’s not too much trouble to pick a version that’ll suit your dog.

It’s a comfortable design for your dog to wear, and it’s created to ease the pressure on your dog’s pressure points, particularly around the neck and chest areas.

Furthermore, the design comes with a clip that’ll fit into most universal buckles without issues, and this means you can keep your dog safely secured while you’re driving on both long or short trip durations.

# 20 – Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 19

Here’s another excellent harness product from Mighty Paw, and it makes great use of a comfortable design that your dog is sure to tolerate or perhaps even enjoy.

It’s available in 4 different sizes ranging from small to extra large, and there’s an in-depth size guide that ensures you’re picking the right option for your dog.

In terms of construction quality, it’s clear to see that the harness has been built to last, and it uses reliable metal hardware along with a weatherproof, durable fabric that also happens to be breathable and lightweight.

Another nice feature of this option is the fact that it doubles as a regular harness as well, so you can easily take your dog out of the car and ensure a secure walk without no delays or hangups.

# 21 – Mighty Paw Safety Belt

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 20

Here’s a safety belt that’s designed to be rugged and durable.

It relies on a tri-glide attachment which allows the belt to adjust from 16 to 26 inches, and the aviation aluminum grade design means it should be able to withstand a tension of up to 400kg.

Of course, it’s easy to see that the product has been built to last for many years, and the quality nylon combined with the all-metal hardware ensure the design can offer the level of durability you’re hoping to see.

Additionally, the belt uses a secure hook which connects directly to your car’s latch bar, which ensures the belt system can’t accidentally come undone by your dog standing on the buckle release button, for example.

# 22 – Guardian Gear Ride Right Classic Car Harness

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 21

This classic car harness from Guardian Gear comes in 4 sizes, which include extra small, small/medium, large, and extra-large.

It’s made from a high-quality nylon material that should withstand general wear and tear without too much trouble, and it also makes great use of an adjustable strap that makes it simple for your dog to wear.

The neck and chest adjustment are particularly important, and once it’s set up correctly, your dog should be able to sit, stand, or lie down with plenty of comfort in any chosen position.

Most buyers are happy with the quality of the construction of this item and if you get the sizing right, you’re unlikely to have any problems with it at all.

# 23 – Pets Lovers Club Durable Dog Seatbelt

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 22

Here’s a dog seatbelt that focuses on durability, and it comes in either a hook to latch bar or universal clasp design, both of which are highly rated.

It comes in two different size options, either small/medium or large, and it’s worth taking a closer look at the size guide to make sure you’re picking the right solution for your pooch.

The design is also adjustable to make the fit perfect, and it gives you enough leeway to cater for most different breeds.

Most dog owners are thrilled with the design and it’s generally a reliable option for most pets.

# 24 – HEAD Tilt Dog Seat Belt Leash

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 23

This simple yet sturdy seat belt leash comes with a hard-wearing construction that should stand the test of time, and it also promises to withstand a tension rating or around 400lb for added confidence.

It uses a swivel hook which does a great job of keeping your dog tangle-free, and the reflective stitching on the leash also makes it very simple and easy to locate in the dark.

In terms of sizing, it’s available in a single size that’s also adjustable, ranging from 15 inches to 24 inches. Importantly, it connects to the latch bar directly, which means there’s no chance of your dog accidentally unclipping the dog seat leash and becoming untethered in your vehicle.

# 25 – Chede Dog Car Seat Belt

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 24

This dog car seat belt from Chede is available in 4 different sizes which include 16″, 21″, 26″, and 31″, and it’s possible to pick an option that’ll suit your dog’s breed in most cases.

It attaches to the latch bar for added safety, so your dog won’t be able to unclip it by standing on the buckle button, and it also benefits from a rugged steel rope construction with an outer nylon coating, so your dog won’t be able to chew through it if they tend to chew on their leash.

It will also swivel around perfectly when your dog moves, so it won’t get tangled up in the same way that a typical nylon belt can when your dog moves around a lot.

# 26 – Peteast Dog Leash

What Are The Best Dog Car Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts? Our Top Picks 25

This cost-effective leash from PetEast functions as a dog seat belt and it covers all of the basic features you’re likely looking for.

In terms of construction, it relies on a quality nylon fabric that should be durable enough for most occasions, and it’s also fully adjustable from an impressive 17cm all the way to 102cm, making it very versatile indeed.

Of course, this feature means it can be used for dogs covering a range of breeds and sizes without too much hassle. The universal connection should also be compatible with most cars.

It also makes great use of a quick-release alloy clasp that makes your life simple when it comes to clipping it on and off your dog’s harness.