Can You Use Baby Wipes On Dogs?

If you’re asking yourself the question of “can I use baby wipes on my dog”, then this guide will give you the answers you’ve been looking for.

There’s no denying how useful it can be to wipe your dog down from time to time between baths, particularly if they’ve become muddy or dirty on a walk. However, is it smart to use baby wipes? Well, let’s find out.

The Risks Posed By Baby Wipes

First of all, it’s certainly true that many baby wipe products are very gentle on the skin, but they are generally formulated for the pH level of a human’s skin, which is slightly different for dogs.

Furthermore, many baby wipes may come with added ingredients that wouldn’t be good for your dog, especially if the baby wipes contain fragrances and moisturizing ingredients that aren’t suitable for canines. Additionally, certain ingredients like propylene glycol can sometimes be found in baby wipes, and this can be quite uncomfortable for dogs, particularly if it becomes ingested in any way.

If you’re in a tight pinch, then you may be able to get away with using a baby wipe from time to time without too much worry. But it’s certainly wise to look for the simplest baby wipe that doesn’t contain any added ingredients. In fact, it can be useful to look for baby wipes that are formulated for ‘sensitive skin’, as these will often leave out the most problematic ingredients, but it’s wise to pick something that doesn’t contain propylene glycol at the very least.

Can You Use Baby Wipes On Dogs? 1

Furthermore, it’s best to avoid using baby wipes around your dog’s face and eyes, because these areas may be more sensitive to any troublesome ingredients found in baby wipes.

Another potential alternative is to simply use a damp towel with only water, or perhaps add a little dog-friendly shampoo to the mix. If you have any old (yet clean) towels lying around, then these can serve wonderfully as dog-friendly towels for cleaning up your pooch after they’ve become muddy or dirty while outside.

But at the end of the day, it’s usually best to pick a pet wipe product that’s been specifically designed to accommodate the needs of your dog. These products will be formulated with a dog’s pH level in mind, and they’ll generally leave out the unwanted ingredients that could cause trouble for dogs.

Choose Dog-Friendly Pet Wipes

Using pet wipes is an excellent method for giving your dog a quick clean, especially between bath times. Many pet owners find these wipes to be tremendously useful for cleaning their dog’s paws after a walk, and it’s certainly a good idea to keep some pet wipes around, even if it’s only for this purpose.

Ultimately, you’ll still want to make sure you’re giving your dog regular baths every few weeks (depending on how often they need cleaning), but a collection of quality pet wipes will go a long way toward keeping your dog clean and tidy without having to go through the entire bathing process so frequently.

The Best Pet Wipes For Your Dog

If you’re looking to buy some pet-friendly wet wipes, then here’s a selection of popular wipes that won’t let you down, and each of option will give you a safe and effective way to keep your dog clean in between bath times.

# 1 – Pogi’s Grooming Wipes

Can You Use Baby Wipes On Dogs? 2

These grooming wipes from Pogi’s Pet Supplies come in a generously large size that measures 8 by 9 inches, and they’re also thick enough to get a great deal of use out of each one, even if your dog has a thick or dirty coat.

Importantly, they are designed to be hypoallergenic, so there’s no problematic use of fragrances, alcohols, parabens, or any other harsh chemicals that would be bad for your dog to be exposed to.

Although there are a few conditioning ingredients that have some further value, with the use of vitamin E, aloe vera, and Hawaiian Awapuhi helping to give your dog a healthy shine to their coat without agitating their skin.

It’s also worth noting that these wipes are available in either 100 or 400 pouches, with both options giving you great value for your money considering the quality on offer here.

# 2 – Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spring Water Wipes

Can You Use Baby Wipes On Dogs? 3

These doggy bath wipes come with two different scent choices, either honey sage or spring water, although the scent is gentle and pleasant enough not to be too overbearing, and it shouldn’t cause any sensitivity for your dog.

They work very well for cleaning away dirt and debris, and the alcohol-free formulation keeps them mild and gentle on your dog’s skin and coat. There are also a few moisturizing conditioners included which add some extra value to the wipes.

In terms of dimensions, they measure up as 8″ by 7″, which is large enough to get some reasonable use out of each one. Furthermore, these dog wipes are very affordable indeed, so they’re a great option to consider if you’re wary of splashing out too much on a package of wipes.

# 3 – Wahl Refresh Cleaning Wipes

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The Wahl brand is perhaps best known for their electric clipper and grooming products, but these dog cleaning wipes are a great product that’s certainly worth a closer look.

They come with either coconut lime or lavender chamomile scents, and it’s interesting to note that the product is made from all plant-derived ingredients which keep things natural.

Furthermore, the wipes are entirely alcohol-free, but they still work very well for wiping away dirt and generally freshening up your dog after getting grubby or dirty on a dog walk. There’s also no need to rinse your dog after using these wipes, and it’s safe to use them on paws, ears, face, or your dog’s body without any risk.

# 4 – Earthbath All Natural Grooming Wipes

Can You Use Baby Wipes On Dogs? 5

If you’re looking for some gentle, hypoallergenic wipes for your dog, then these grooming wipes from Earthbath are another great option.

They are free of any fragrances or anything that’s likely to trigger allergies or discomfort, although there are a few scent options if you want something to add a little fragrance into the mix, and this shouldn’t pose too much of a problem if you don’t have a sensitive dog.

The wipes come in a large size of 8″ by 7″, and they’re also nice and thick, which makes them easy and effective to use even when you’re wiping away mud and dirt from your dog’s paws, for example.

You’ll also find the use of aloe vera and vitamin E are very useful for moisturizing and maintaining the quality of your dog’s skin and coat.

# 5 – Pet MD Chlorhexidine Wipes

Can You Use Baby Wipes On Dogs? 6

Last, but by no means least, it’s worth looking at these wipes from Pet MD which feature a non-stinging antiseptic that’s useful for treating any abrasions, skin issues, or bites your dog may be suffering with.

Of course, you should always consult with a vet if you suspect your dog has a skin condition or health issue, but these wipes come with the added benefit of chlorhexidine and ketoconazole, which come with antiseptic and antifungal benefits.

They’re also very useful for cleaning areas that are sensitive to infection, such as folds in your dog’s skin, which may be something to consider with certain breeds of dog.

Wondering whether it\'s safe to use baby wipes on dogs? If so, our guide highlights a few key things you\'ll need to know, and shows you some alternatives.