What’s The Best Step-In Dog Harness?

If you’re looking for an easy and convenient harness for your dog, then choosing a step-in design is always a great idea.

These harnesses tend to be fairly non-restrictive (which any dog is likely to appreciate), and a good step-in model will keep your dog comfortable no matter where you’re walking or hiking. Of course, they’re also quite straight-forward to attach to your pooch.

Additionally, these harnesses are always a great choice for smaller breeds and puppies, although there are several models that are equally suitable for bigger breeds, too. In this guide, we’re going to hone in on several of the best step-in harnesses currently on the market, so let’s take a closer look.

# 1 – DexDog Easy Step In Dog Harness

What's The Best Step-In Dog Harness? 1

Here’s a popular step-in harness from DexDog which comes in 6 sizes and many colors, and it also scores a great deal of positive feedback from most buyers, too.

It benefits from a strong metal ring that makes it suitable for bigger dogs who need the added security, and it also comes with an excellent step-in design that makes it easy to put on, and it’s generally quite comfortable and non-restrictive for your dog.

# 2 – Gooby Choke Free X Harness

Here’s a popular step-in harness from Gooby, and it makes great use of a synthetic lambskin material which makes it lovely and soft for your dog to wear. It’s also available in several color options, along with three different sizes, including small, medium, and large.

The harness benefits from a microsuede trimming which further helps to avoid any uncomfortable rubbing, and it offers some degree of adjustability to give your dog great comfort.

You can machine wash the harness for extra convenience, although it’s best to air dry it rather than tumble dry.

# 3 – Gooby Trekking Memory Foam Harness

Here’s another excellent harness from Gooby which is certainly one of the most comfortable harnesses on the market, thanks to its use of memory foam which offers genuine comfort to any dog, especially on longer walks.

It also has a fleece lining which is useful for keeping your dog warm and cozy, making it a versatile option for anyone looking for a hard wearing and reliable harness.

Most buyers are thrilled with the durable nature of the harness, and obviously the extra comfort it provides due to the memory foam padding.

Of course, it’s available in a few pleasing color choices, along with 5 different sizes which range all the way from X-small to X-large.

# 4 – Blueberry Pet Multi-Colored Stripe Step In Dog Harness

This striped step-in harness from Blueberry Pet comes with a useful reflective element which helps to boost your dog’s visibility in poor light conditions, and it also offers a few different sizes to accommodate different breeds of dog.

There are several lovely designs to choose from with this option, many of them coming with stylish patterns that look great on any dog.

It’s made from a high-density polyester webbing that should be pleasant for your dog to wear, and it uses a metal D ring that gives you a reliable level of durability, especially for the price. You can also wash it in the machine with a cold water cycle.

# 5 – Best Pet Supplies Voyager Soft Harness

What's The Best Step-In Dog Harness? 2

Here’s a lovely plush harness that’s a great option if you’re looking for something soft for your dog to wear, and the plush fabric certainly keeps your dog comfy and agitation-free while wearing it.

It’s easy to put the harness on your dog thanks to the step-in vest-like design, and it’s available in several different colors and sizes to suit most breeds, but especially the smaller breeds.

The harness fastens without any struggle, and it comes with a quick release buckle for further convenience.

It’s worth noting that you can machine wash the harness without any issue, although it’s best to let it air dry and use a cold, gentle cycle.

# 6 – EcoBark Adjustable Padded Step In Dog Harness

What's The Best Step-In Dog Harness? 3

These delightful adjustable dog harnesses from EcoBark Pet Supplies are a well-reviewed option that serves as a great choice for smaller breeds, although they do come in a range of sizes, starting from XXS and going all the way up to Large.

The color options are very good, each giving a rich and vibrant color that looks lovely on any pooch.

Of course, the step-in design is very easy to use, and it uses a simple Velcro closure that makes it both comfortable for your dog and convenient for you to put on your them.

# 7 – Gooby Escape Free Sport Dog Harness

What's The Best Step-In Dog Harness? 4

Here’s an excellent slip-in harness that’s designed to be ‘escape proof’ thanks to how it reduces the free space around the back, so it’s a good option for those dogs who tend to wriggle out of their harness.

The V-shape opening is also useful for reducing pressure around the neck, as well as making sure any tension is spread over the chest instead.

Of course, the neoprene construction is comfortable for your dog to wear, and it’s incredibly lightweight, as well as being soft to the touch.

You can wash the harness in the washing machine without any worry, and this makes it much easier to keep it clean over time, although it’s best to clean it on a cold wash.

It’s worth noting that the harness comes in three different sizes (small, medium, or large) along with many bright and delightful colors.

# 8 – Gooby Simple Step In Dog Harness

Here’s another reliable option from Gooby which uses a simple and effective step-in design that should work well for most dogs.

It’s available in three different sizes, either small, medium, or large, and there are also several nice color options to choose from as well.

Of course, it benefits from a neoprene design that ensures it’s both durable yet comfortable for you to wear, and you’ll have no trouble taking it on and off your dog due to the step-in design.

Another nice feature is the reflective lining which goes a long way toward improving the visibility of the harness and your dog at night.

# 9 – Best Pet Supplies Voyager Step-in Mesh Dog Harness

Here’s a very popular step-in harness that comes in a wide selection of sizes, ranging from x-small to x-large, and an impressive collection of colors that give you plenty to choose from.

The harness is made from a breathable mesh fabric that’s comfortable for your dog to wear in any season, and the simple step-in design makes it a breeze to put on your dog. Its durability is also very good overall, especially considering the affordable price.

Furthermore, it benefits from heavy-duty metal D-rings for attaching a leash to, along with a reliable Velcro closure that should stay safe and secure on your dog for as long as you need it to.

# 10 – Gooby Choke Free Step-In Comfort X Dog Harness

What's The Best Step-In Dog Harness? 5

Here’s another great step-in harness from Gooby which has a focus on comfort, as well as ensuring your dog doesn’t feel too restricted while wearing the harness.

It’s available in four different sizes which means it’s not too much trouble to pick a size that’ll fit any breed, and it’s also available in a number of different color choices, too.

The harness comes with four adjustable nylon straps which make it easier to get a comfortable fit.

The design is of the step-in variety, which makes it easy and simple to attach to your dog as well as take off when you need to, and it benefits from a micro suede trimming which further lends to the overall quality on offer here.

# 11 – Pawtitas Pet Soft Adjustable Step-In Dog Harness

What's The Best Step-In Dog Harness? 6

Here’s an affordable step-in harness that’s a reasonable option for anyone shopping for a smaller dog or puppy, although it does come in a number of different sizes.

Additionally, it comes in several different colors as well which gives you plenty of choice for different dogs.

Of course, the simple design makes it relatively straightforward to attach to your puppy even if they’re not quite used to wearing a harness just yet, and it also offers a respectable level of comfort which is always a good thing to see.

The harness comes with a reflective strip that helps to improve your pup’s visibility, and it relies on a blend of 65% polyester combined with 35% cotton, which gives it a decent level of durability overall.

# 12 – PupTeck Adjustable Basic Nylon Step In Dog Harness

What's The Best Step-In Dog Harness? 7

Here’s a step-in harness from PupTeck that comes with a basic nylon construction that should generally serve you and your dog well, and it comes in three different sizes to accommodate most breeds of dog.

There are some lovely color choices to pick from as well, several of which are bright and colorful, although there’s always the default black option, too.

It used a heavy duty D-ring for security, and it comes with a quick release which is always a handy feature to have. Furthermore, the adjustable straps are very good for keeping the harness comfortable and secure on your dog.

# 13 – EzyDog Chest Plate Custom Fit Dog Harness

This excellent dog harness from EzyDog comes with a step-in design and a chest plate that gives plenty of control and security when you’re walking your dog.

It comes in a wide range of colors as well as many different sizes, and it’s surprisingly easy to put on and off your dog without any worries at all.

Of course, it’s also very comfortable for your dog to wear thanks to the way it evenly disperses the load over the chest plate, and it benefits from a stainless-steel D-ring that gives you plenty of durability that you can rely on.

# 14 – RC Pet Products Cirque Soft Walking Step In Dog Harness

Here’s a soft harness that’s certainly a comfortable option for most dogs, and it comes in a number of different sizes ranging all the way from XXSmall to XXLarge, so it’s able to accommodate most common dog breeds without any worry. There are also some lovely colors to choose from, too.

The harness makes great use of a simple yet effective step-in design along with a breathable mesh fabric which helps to keep your dog comfortable, while the woven binding provides a respectable amount of durability as well.

# 15 – Rnker Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Here’s a soft mesh harness that aims to be a good option for puppies in particular, and it comes in a number of sizes to suit many different breeds.

Of course, the soft mesh construction ensures that it’s a comfortable fit for most puppies, especially if they’re not yet accustomed to wearing a harness, and the padded vest also gives an added comfort-focused feature.

Just as you’d expect, there are also a few different color choices to pick from, with several bright and bold options available, along with the more subdued purple and baby blue options.

The buckle system is of reasonably good quality given the price, and it also gives you a quick release for added convenience.

# 16 – Blueberry Pet Floral Prints Dog Harness

What's The Best Step-In Dog Harness? 8

Here’s a pretty looking harness that comes with a floral print that looks charming on many breeds, and there are a few different color choices that come with similar floral patterns. It’s also available in three different size choices as well.

The harness features a polyester webbing construction that ensures it’s durable enough for frequent use, and the eco-friendly plastic buckles should also last quite well.

It’s important to pay careful attention to the sizing to ensure you get a comfortable fit for your dog, as getting a size that’s too small could lead to discomfort for your pooch. There is some degree of adjustability, though.

# 17 – ROGZ Lumberjack Adjustable Dog Step-in-Harness

What's The Best Step-In Dog Harness? 9

Here’s an affordable step-in harness from Rogz which comes with several color choices, and the extra-large sizing makes it a good option for those bigger breeds such as Labradors and Rottweilers, for example.

It’s constructed from a nylon material that’s certainly very durable, and it also benefits from reflective stitching which is ideal for improving the general visibility of your dog in low light conditions.

The buckles are all very sturdy and reliable as well, which is often an important feature to look for when you need a strong, rugged harness that can handle a bigger breed.

# 18 – Downtown Pet Supply Step in Adjustable Dog Harness

What's The Best Step-In Dog Harness? 10

This harness uses an easy step-in design that’s very intuitive and simple to use, and it also uses a basic Velcro and buckle closure system that’s ideal for easy and quick attachment.

It comes in three different size options which include X-small, medium, or large, and there are several pleasing colors to choose from as well.

The design is also fairly rugged, making use of a double-stitched fabric, and the Velcro closure is also quite secure by itself, although the buckle is an essential added element for security. The heavy-duty D-ring is also adequate for securing a leash safely.

# 19 – BarkBay No Pull Large Step In Dog Harness

What's The Best Step-In Dog Harness? 11

Here’s a step-in harness that’s a reliable choice if you have a puller on your hands, as it uses a front leading design that does a great job of giving you more control over your dog while walking.

However, there’s also a D-ring located on the back of the harness, which is an alternative option available to you if you’re looking for a slower, relaxed walk.

The design also helps to prevent choking, while the anti-chafe padding gives your dog some extra comfort on long walks, which is certainly important for any dog who’s likely to attempt pulling on the leash from time to time.

# 20 – LupinePet Originals Step In Dog Harness

Here’s a step-in harness that comes in two size choices, and its simple design is very non-restrictive, which helps to keep your dog comfortable and not restricted in their movement too much.

The wraparound style makes it easy to attach the harness to your dog, and it’s certainly well-suited to puppies and small breeds in particular.

# 21 – ChiliPet Best Step In No Pull Dog Harness

What's The Best Step-In Dog Harness? 12

Here’s a heavy-duty step-in harness that comes in three colors (pink, red, or blue) and a large size that makes it best-suited for large to medium sized dog breeds.

The focus on durability is a key feature of this harness, coming with a high tensile stretch and rugged construction that means it won’t stretch or tear apart even with a stronger dog, and it’s also resistant to dirt, mildew, and UV light.

Of course, the step-in design means that it’s very easy to put on and off your dog, and the nickel-plated stainless-steel O-ring is tough enough to stay securely connected to your dog’s leash, too.

# 22 – MixMart Step-In Dog Harness

This dog harness from MixMart comes in three sizes, either medium, large, or extra-large, and it relies on a rugged and durable design that makes it a solid choice for bigger breeds in particular.

It benefits from a thickened nylon ribbon that makes it tough enough for dogs that pull from time to time, and the scratch-resistant material is also very reliable indeed.

The 3M reflective material is another useful addition that boosts the visibility offered by the harness, and it’s also possible to adjust the straps to get a better fit that your dog is comfortable with.

Importantly, it uses a lightweight mesh lining along with a soft sponge padding around the chest and belly, and this further aids the comfort on offer.

Looking for the best step-in dog harness? If so, this guide reveals the best options on the market. These won\'t let you down. Come and take a look.