What’s The Best Outdoor Dog Bed? Our Top Picks

If you have a dog who likes to spend time outdoors then investing in a quality outdoor dog bed is a good idea. What’s more, having that additional bed for a garage, shed, or any outdoor area is ideal for any dog who doesn’t spend all day inside.

There’s a wide range of beds that are well-suited for outdoor use, and many of them are either elevated (which keeps your dog cool and away from direct floor contact) or are versatile enough to be used in both indoor and outdoor environments without any problem.

In this guide, we’ve uncovered a selection of outdoor beds that’ll serve your dog well, so let’s take a closer look.

The Best Outdoor Dog Beds For 2020

# 1 – SUPERJARE XLarge Outdoor Dog Bed

This outdoor dog bed from SuperJare comes in an extra-large size that makes it great for bigger breeds, and it comes with a large canopy to give your dog plenty of sun protection, too. There’s also a smaller version if that’s more suitable for your requirements.

The bed promises to accommodate dogs of up to 120 pounds, and the stable design goes a long way to fulfilling this claim without any worry, while the breathable fabric helps to keep your dog nice and cool by preventing any heat spots that could occur over time.. The larger size also means it can be a good option for owners who are looking to buy something for multiple dogs.

# 2 – Kuranda Almond PVC Chewproof Dog Bed

Here’s a chew proof dog bed from Kuranda that’s made from a durable PVC material that offers you great strength, while the vinyl weave fabric gives you excellent breathability for your dog to stay cool while outdoors in the warm weather. 

It’s also waterproof, as the water can flow through the weave directly, so it’s perfectly suited for regular outdoor use. Furthermore, this design feature also makes it very easy to clean and maintain.

It’s available in many different sizes which range all the way from a mini 25” x 18” all the way up to an xxl size of 50 “ x 36”, with many other options in between, so it’s not too difficult to pick a model that’ll suit your dog’s size.

# 3 – Kopeks Extra Large Indoor / Outdoor Bed

What's The Best Outdoor Dog Bed? Our Top Picks 1

Next, we have this slightly larger elevated dog bed that can be used either indoors or outdoors without any hassle.

The mesh cover manages to provide great ventilation and airflow for your dog, which ensures they won’t become too hot while they’re sleeping or resting, and the durable metal frame means it should stand up well to general wear and tear.

Another useful feature is the larger size, with the dimensions being 48 x 36 x 7 inches, which makes it spacious enough for many breeds of dog, and it has the frame strength to support them without any problem.

# 4 – AmazonBasics Large Elevated Cooling Pet Dog Cot Bed

Here’s an elevated bed from the AmazonBasics line which comes with a breathable mesh fabric, and this ensures your dog stays cool and comfortable while they’re outdoors. It also offers 7 inches of elevation so it’s easy enough for your dog to jump onto but high enough to keep them off the floor.

Just as you’d expect, the mesh fabric stays clean without much concern, and you can give it the occasional wipe to make sure it stays in great shape. It’s worth noting that it’s available in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, so it can accommodate any size of dog breed (or multiple dogs if needed).

# 5 – K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed

Here’s a delightful pet cot that comes with both an elevated design to keep your dog away from the floor along with conveniently placed bolsters on the side which can be great for giving your dog a place to rest their head.

The bolsters contain a fluffy plush interior for added comfort, but the bed also relies on 600-denier nylon fabric which helps to increase its longevity while ensuring it can cope with outdoor use.

The bed does require some minimal assembly on arrival, but no tools are required for this process, and it’s generally quite simple and quick to put together.

# 6 – Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed

One of the most popular outdoor dog bed solutions on the market is this one from Coolaroo. The off-the-ground design helps to keep your dog clean and cool, and it also gives some added airflow which only improves the comfort your dog will experience, along with relieving any pressure points too.

It’s constructed from a quality high-density polyethylene material that offers reliable durability over its lifespan, and you can expect it to be resistant to mold, mildew, mites, and fleas – as well as easy to clean and maintain.

Furthermore, It’s also very lightweight, so it’s not difficult to move the bed to wherever you want it, whether that’s indoors or outdoors.

You can purchase the bed in three different size options as well as several colors ranging from green, grey, nutmeg, and terracotta.

# 7 – Coleman Roll-Up Waterproof Travel Bed

When you’re looking for an outdoor dog bed, it can be useful to consider a travel bed too, as they often meet the same criteria. Here’s a lightweight, portable option that can quickly be rolled up for convenience but still gives your dog a comfortable place to relax.

It comes with durable and waterproof nylon on the top along with a non-skid bottom that offers you reliable waterproof ability. Furthermore, it comes with a simple polyester fill that makes it cozy enough for occasional use and it can survive a wash in the machine without any worries.

It’s certainly a versatile choice for when you need a lightweight, convenient bed that you can travel with and use outside.

# 8 – Chuckit! Travel Bed

What's The Best Outdoor Dog Bed? Our Top Picks 2

Here’s a highly rated travel bed from the Chuckit! Brand that’s another convenient option for anyone who wants a dog bed that’s tough enough for regular outdoor use.

It comes with a soft yet durable construction that consists of a poly-suede surface combined with double offset quilts and a ripstop liner, and it will also roll up nicely into a nylon stuff sack for extra convenience and portability.

In general, you can expect this bed to offer plenty of comfort for outdoor use and it’s a good option for camping as well.
It’s also worth noting that you can wash the bed in the machine without any trouble.

# 9 – Snoozer Waterproof Round Pet Bed

What's The Best Outdoor Dog Bed? Our Top Picks 3 This dog bed from Snoozer comes with the added benefit of a durable waterproof cover which makes it a respectable option for outdoor use. Furthermore, it’s available in a range of different sizes along with several color options to choose from. The bed relies on a cedar polyfill that offers reasonable comfort for your dog while lying outside, and it’s also possible to wash the cover in the machine to keep it in top shape, without causing any harm to its overall durability.

You can expect this design to work well for general outdoor use as well as camping, and the extra stuffing will help your dog to stay comfortable for quite some time. The durability is also good, although it may not be suitable for aggressive chewers.

# 10 – Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed

If you’re looking for a rugged and reliable waterproof dog bed that’s ideal for traveling and general outdoor use, then this design from Kurgo could be the ideal fit.

It comes in two different color options as well as two sizes, either medium or large. One of the nice features offered by this bed is how portable it can be, so you can easily roll it up to save some space when you’re traveling or hiking.

However, it still offers a great deal of comfort to your dog, along with the
microtomic ripstop material and Rufftex bottom which are both highly water-resistant, so you can always ensure your dog has a dry and comfortable place to rest. This bed also comes with a generous lifetime warranty for further peace of mind.

# 11 – Heininger 3096 PortablePET Khaki HoundHouse

Here’s an outdoor dog bed/shelter that comes in several different sizes to accommodate a range of breeds, and it further benefits from a weather-resistant canopy that offers shade in the summer and some extra warmth in the winter.

Despite its appearance, the design is surprisingly lightweight and portable as well, so it’s not too much trouble to move it to wherever you want it. Additionally, it comes with a synthetic mesh floor that can help to prevent fleas from breeding. There’s also a mat to help keep your dog comfortable while they’re inside. Several owners comment on the sturdy yet lightweight design of the bed, as well as how cool and well-ventilated it can stay in those warmer summer months.

# 12 – Outdoor Dog Chaise Bed

What's The Best Outdoor Dog Bed? Our Top Picks 4

Here’s a stylish and elegant looking outdoor dog bed from The Refined Canine which offers a raised cushion bed along with a 6-inch cushion pillow top that’s sure to keep your dogs comfortable when they’re relaxing outside. It does require some minimal assembly to set this bed up, but all of the tools you’ll need come with the product when you order, and you’re unlikely to have too much trouble when it comes to putting it all together.

It comes with a shade canopy that helps to keep your dogs protected from the sun on those warm summer days, and the constructed poly rattan ensures the bed will withstand regular use outdoors. It’s also worth noting that it’s available in two different size options.

# 13 – Floppy Dawg Just Chillin’ Elevated Dog Bed

What's The Best Outdoor Dog Bed? Our Top Picks 5

Here’s an elevated dog bed that comes with an excellent canopy that’s ideal for providing your dog with some extra shelter, and it’s also fully removable, which helps to keep the bed lightweight and portable.

It’s available in two different sizes, either medium or large, and
it benefits from a breathable mesh fabric that ensures there’s adequate air circulation for your pet in the warmer months. Additionally, the frame is very sturdy due to the steel construction, and the fabric should also last for a long time.

# 14 – Midlee Outdoor Elevated Dog Cot Bed

Here’s a basic yet effective outdoor dog cot that comes with a shade canopy to protect your dog from the sun, and it’s available in four different sizes which means you shouldn’t have any trouble when it comes to selecting an appropriate model for your dog’s size and breed.

There is some assembly required to get this bed up and running, but it’s generally very simple and easy to do, and
dissembling the bed also helps to increase its overall portability, so it can be useful for camping trips as well. It’s also worth noting that the design comes in a number of different color alternatives.

# 15 – SportPet Designs Waterproof Pet Bed

Here’s a waterproof pet bed that comes in a wide range of sizes varying from 20 inches all the way up to 44 inches, and while it’s designed to be used in a plastic dog kennel, it can serve as a useful as a comfortable dog mat by itself as well.

The bed is designed to be waterproof thanks to the waterproof nylon construction, and it can also be washed in the machine to keep it clean whenever it needs freshening up. Additionally, the non-skid base helps to keep it safe and secure whenever you put it down for your dog.

# 16 – Sage Plantation Large Round Outdoor Dog Bed

What's The Best Outdoor Dog Bed? Our Top Picks 6

Here’s a simple yet effective bed that’s designed to be suitable for both indoor or outdoor use, and it’s available in several colorful designs as well as four different sizes to accommodate dogs of any size or breed.

The outer fabric is comprised of a tough polyester that’s been treated for extra durability, and it promises to deliver up to 1000 hours of UV protection.Furthermore, the base uses a heavy-duty waterproof 300/600 fabric that’s built to last.

It’s also nice to know that the cover can be conveniently taken off thanks to the zipper design, and it’s also fully washable in the machine, so you shouldn’t have any trouble when it comes to keeping it clean.

# 17 – K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed

Here’s a very popular and highly rated elevated bed from K&H Products. It’s available in four different sizes, either small, medium, large, or extra-large, and there are also three different color schemes to choose from as well. However, the best feature of the bed is the rugged elevated design which keeps your dog comfortably off the floor, and the waterproof fabric helps to ensure that it’ll last with outdoor use.

The design also comes with non-skid rubber feet for extra stability, and there’s also a one-year limited warranty for some further peace of mind in regards to the construction quality and overall longevity of the bed.

# 18 – Paws & Pals Elevated Dog Bed

Here’s a rugged and durable elevated dog bed from Paws & Pals, and it’s a particularly good option for any dog that likes to chew their bed, asthe extra-durable mesh fabric design promises to be chew-proof and “indestructible”.

It’s available in two different sizes, either medium or large, and it’s possible to purchase replacement covers if needed. The design also ensures it’s easy to wipe clean whenever needed, and it’s lightweight makes it a suitable choice for traveling and camping. There is some assembly required, but it’s very quick and simple to do.

# 19 – The Dog’s Bed Premium Waterproof Dog Bed

What's The Best Outdoor Dog Bed? Our Top Picks 7

This premium quality dog bed from The Dog’s Balls comes with a waterproof design and a durable fabric cover that makes it suitable for indoor and occasional outdoor use without too much trouble.

The cover is easy to remove and wash when needed due to the zippered design, and this makes it very simple to maintain over time. It’s also a versatile option to consider, with owners finding it convenient for crates, cars, camping, and basic indoor use.

It’s available in a range of different sizes, several of which fall under the large to extra-large category, so it can be a nice option for bigger breeds or multiple dogs.

# 20 – K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

What's The Best Outdoor Dog Bed? Our Top Picks 8

This elevated dog bed from K9 Ballistics benefits from a tough, chew proof design that makes it a good choice for those dogs that have a tendency to chew their beds. It uses an all-aluminum frame that gives it great strength and durability, while the ripstop ballistic fabric gives it a lot of longevity and comfort.

It comes in three different color choices (either black, tan, or snow camo) along with three different sizes to suit most breeds. It’s worth noting that it’s designed to fit comfortably into crates of most standard sizes, but it can equally be used as a standalone bed as well.

# 21 – Lightspeed Outdoors Self Inflating Travel Dog Bed

What's The Best Outdoor Dog Bed? Our Top Picks 9

Here’s an interesting outdoor dog bed solution that comes with a self-inflating fleece top, which is formed by a 1.5″ inner foam mattress that will easily inflate simply by twisting the nozzle, and you can make some extra adjustments as needed by blowing in some more air or letting some out if you want to reduce the firmness.

The bed is also machine washable which makes it easier to keep clean, and it’s puncture-resistant as well. There are also a few features that make it a suitable option for traveling, such as the built-in nylon buckle straps and the rolled design of the bed.

# 22 – Majestic Pet Teal Native Large Round Outdoor Dog Bed

What's The Best Outdoor Dog Bed? Our Top Picks 10

This stylish outdoor bed from Majestic Pet comes in three different sizes, either small, medium, or large – and there are two nice color choices available as well, either teal or navy blue.

It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and while you may not want to leave it outside in all weathers, it’s certainly versatile enough to use outside for a little while on a warm day.The fabric is quite durable thanks to the 300/600 waterproof denier base that promises to be water and stain-resistant.

# 23 – Majestic Pet Navy Trellis Rectangle Outdoor Dog Bed

What's The Best Outdoor Dog Bed? Our Top Picks 11

Here’s another indoor/outdoor pet bed from Majestic Pet that comes with a rectangle design, and it benefits from a similar construction quality as the other designs from this company, which allow it to be used indoors and occasionally outdoors, too.It’s available in a few attractive colors and patterns, along with sizes that range from small to extra-large.

The base is made from a 300/600 denier waterproof fabric that should be durable enough for outdoor use, while the plush internal fiberfill gives your dog plenty of comfortable padding to enjoy while they’re lying down.

# 24 – K&H Pet Products Just Relaxin’ Indoor-Outdoor Dog Bed

Here’s a bed from K&H Pet Products that’s another option that promises to be suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and it’s available in sizes ranging from small to large and several different colors for some added design choice.

The outer material has been treated to offer extra UV protection for use outdoors in the sun, and it’s also possible to remove the cover entirely for easy cleaning purposes.

# 25 – The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat

If you’re looking for a bed that’ll help to keep your dog cool and relaxed in the warmer summer weather while lying outdoors, then this option from TheGreenPetShop might be a suitable option. First of all, it’s available in a wide range of sizes which vary from small to extra-large, so it’s possible to pick a solution that’ll suit your particular breed.

It comes with a pressure-activated gel cooling system that helps to avoid heat spots, and it will certainly give your dog plenty of relief when your dog is overheating in the hot weather. Furthermore, you can expect the cooling to work for around 3 hours at a time.

# 26 – Furhaven Pet NAP Outdoor Dog Bed

Here’s a comfortable, soft dog bed that can be used outdoors, although it wouldn’t be wise to leave it outside in all weathers as it’s likely to degrade pretty fast in these circumstances.

The bed is a good choice for placing in an outhouse or garage, and your dog will quickly come to enjoy the softness and general comfort it can provide.

When it comes to construction, it uses a water-resistant base that helps to keep it comfortable in an outdoor environment, and the removable zippered cover makes it simple and straightforward to keep clean without any difficulty.

# 27 – Paw Essentials Oxford Fabric Waterproof Dog Mat

Here’s a simple outdoor dog mat that’s quick and easy to move due to its lightweight construction, and while it may not be the most luxurious bed, it’s another choice that you may wish to consider for the general versatility and ease of use it provides.

It comes in sizes ranging from small to extra-large as well as two different color choices, and it’s made from a nice padded material that provides enough comfort for most occasional use.

Furthermore, it uses a waterproof base that helps to keep your dog better protected from the elements, along with a general wear-resistant and non-stick construction that makes your life easy when it comes to keeping the mat clean.

# 28 – K&H Manufacturing KH Lectro Soft Heated Pet Bed

What's The Best Outdoor Dog Bed? Our Top Picks 12

Here’s an outdoor dog bed that’s a great choice for a garage, barn, or shed, because it’s not only soft and comfortable enough for your dog to lie on but also comes with the added benefit of being heated.

The heat is thermostatically controlled to achieve a temperature that’s appropriate for your pet, and you’ll also be pleased to know that it only uses 40 watts, so it’s power-efficient, too.

Furthermore, the bed uses soft orthopedic foam construction that gives your dog plenty of support, and you can rest assured that it’ll keep your dog nice and comfortable due to the combination of the comfy foam and heat that it provides along with the fleece cover.

It’s available in several sizes which include small, medium, and large, so you should be able to find a version that’ll be ideal for your dog.

Want the best outdoor dog bed for your furry buddy? It so, this guide reveals the best options on the market. These won\'t let you down. Come take a look.