What’s The Best Heated Dog Bed? Our Favorite Picks

If you want to make your dog happy, then buying a heated dog bed will certainly do the trick – especially when the weather starts getting colder.

A heated bed will really help your dog stay warm, as well as give the sensation of sleeping in a pack – which is very comforting for your dog.

Additionally, if you have an older dog who is more likely to ‘feel the cold’, then a heated bed is going to be very welcome indeed.

In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at the best heated dog beds on the market, so you’ll have a better idea about which you should buy – so let’s see what we have for you.

1 – Pawhut Indoor Electric Heated Dog Bed

What's The Best Heated Dog Bed? Our Favorite Picks 1

Our first selection is this 16″ electric heated bed from Pawhut. While it’s a little too small to accommodate a larger breed, it’s the ideal size for smaller dogs who aren’t going to require so much space, and it’s also suitable for cats.

It’s constructed from a very soft and comfortable fabric, and the heating pad is fully removable – which means you can also use this bed all year round, and simply add the heating pad when it’s starting to get cold.

Finally, it’s a very safe heated bed to use, which is something you need to be careful with whenever you’re considering one of these.

2 – 2 – K&H Lectro Soft Outdoor Bed

What's The Best Heated Dog Bed? Our Favorite Picks 2

Out next pick is a little more expensive but comes with the added benefit of being suitable for indoor and outdoor use – so it can be used on the porch, in a garage, or similar kind of ‘out’ building where your dog may like to spend some time.

Another neat feature of this bed is that it only heats when your dog is lying on the bed, and it also only heats the area in which he’s sitting or lying. This means it’s safe to leave on because it’ll only activate when it’s actually in use.

It also uses a steel wrapped power cord, which means your dog will not be able to chew through it – which is another important consideration to keep in mind.

Overall, this is an excellent choice – especially if you’re looking for a bed that isn’t primarily going to be used within your house.

3 – K&H Thermo Snuggly Sleeper

What's The Best Heated Dog Bed? Our Favorite Picks 3

This luxurious looking bed is available in two sizes – either medium or large – so you’ll be able to find something that matches your dog’s size perfectly.

While it’s only suitable for indoor use, it’s highly power-efficient, relying on a heater that’s merely 6 watts in power. Of course, this is going to be plenty enough to keep your dog warm – and it’s designed to merely heat up to your dog’s normal body temperature.

Additionally, the heater is fully removable, and the covers are easy to wash – so it’s a bed that’ll last you a long time with only the minimum of maintenance required. The ledges around the edge of the bed are also great for making your dog feel comfortable and secure, as well as giving him a place to rest his head if he prefers.

4 – Milliard Indoor Heated Pet Bed

What's The Best Heated Dog Bed? Our Favorite Picks 4

The first thing you’ll notice about this bed is the fun bone-shaped cushion it comes with – but it’s also a fantastic heated dog bed in its own right.

It uses an internal thermostat which can automatically regulate the temperature to the ideal warmth your dog requires, and it does a great job of it – ensuring your dog doesn’t become too hot or too cold.

The heating pad is also very thin and highly flexible, which means it’ll contour to your dog’s shape very easily, providing maximum efficiency when it comes to transferring heat.

What’s more, the outer cover is made from Velour, which is very soft and nice to snuggle up with – but it’s also very easy to wash in the machine without any problems.

5 – PlayaPup Warming Heated Mat

What's The Best Heated Dog Bed? Our Favorite Picks 5

Our final pick is this interesting looking bed from PlayaPup. Essentially, this bed functions as a heated mat which is activated by the pressure that occurs when your dog sits or lays on the mat – and with the addition of a chew resistant cord, it should be ideal for most breeds.

There’s the choice of small, medium, or large sizes – and the cover is made from a nice fleece material which is easy to wash in a machine.

One of the benefits to this heated mat is that it can comfortably sit inside an existing dog bed – so if your dog is particularly attached to his bed, there’s no need to replace it entirely – simply slip this inside and he’ll stay cozy and warm throughout the winter.