What Are The Best Dog Socks For Hardwood Floors? (2020)

Does your dog have a tendency to slip on your hardwood floors? If so, it can be wise to invest in some quality dog socks to prevent unwanted injuries.

These socks often come with added grip which provides the crucial traction your dog needs to be safe. Of course, dog socks can also help protect your dog’s paws in general, too.

In this guide, we’re going to highlight the best dog socks on the market, so let’s take a closer look.

# 1 – RC Pet Products Pawks Dog Socks

What Are The Best Dog Socks For Hardwood Floors? (2020) 1

These dog socks from RC Pet Products come with an anti-slip design that offers reliable protection against slipping, and they come in a wide enough range of sizes to accommodate most dog breeds.

They’re ideal for senior dogs or dogs recovering from injury as they do a great job of helping to increase and maintain traction, while also protecting your floors from scratches.

They are available in 6 sizes ranging from XX-small up to X-large, and you can also choose from 19 designs to suit your dog’s personality. Finally, they can be bought in sets of 4 and they’re machine wash friendly.

# 2 – KoolTail Anti-Slip Dog Socks With Straps

What Are The Best Dog Socks For Hardwood Floors? (2020) 2

These dog socks from KoolTail come with a non-skid thin rubber around the bottom of the sock which helps to improve your dog’s traction on slippery surfaces.

The tread material is also waterproof so it’ll keep your dog’s feet dry even if they are on a wet surface. These socks also have a strap to keep the socks in place on your dog’s feet which is very useful indeed.

They’re available in 5 different sizes ranging from small to extra-large which suits all kinds of dog breeds and sizes.

# 3 – Loobani PadGrips Paw Protection Traction Pads

What Are The Best Dog Socks For Hardwood Floors? (2020) 3

An alternative to wearing dog socks is to try pad grips, and these ones from Loobani are an interesting option to consider.

They’re created to provide an alternative to dog socks, and they can be particularly useful for senior dogs or any dog that could benefit from the additional traction.

Each grip can last about 2-7 days depending on your dog’s activities, and they’re made with a hypoallergenic certified adhesive that’s non-toxic and environment-friendly.

Furthermore, they’re made to be comfortable thanks to the soft and breathable material that comes with the extra rubber spots for improved traction, which helps to protect your dog from slipping, sliding, and unwanted injuries.

If your dog is not a fan of dog socks, then it can be wise to give these ones a try. They’re easy to apply, just make sure to trim your dog’s nails first before application.

# 4 – Harfkoko Pet Heroic Anti-Slip Dog Socks

What Are The Best Dog Socks For Hardwood Floors? (2020) 4

These dog socks from Harfkoko feature an anti-slip knitted dog paw protector that gives good traction and makes them suitable for indoor wear.

They’re made of quality cotton and come in 8 size choices for you to choose from. The socks should help to prevent your dog from sliding on hardwood floors and they’ll also protect your floors, furniture and carpets from dog nail scratches.

The soles have an anti-slip silicone gel to provide some extra traction and there’s rubber reinforcement inside the socks for additional comfort and stability.

# 5 – Scenereal Anti-Slip Dog Socks With Straps

What Are The Best Dog Socks For Hardwood Floors? (2020) 5

Plaid patterns never get old when they’re worn by your dog, and it certainly looks adorable as dog socks.

These dog socks from Scenereal are both fashionable and practical thanks to the plaid design and the excellent cotton fabric.

They’re breathable enough for your dog’s comfort and they also provide good protection for their paws. The anti-skid design features an anti-slip gel with a paw footprint shape, and this helps to improve your dog’s traction and prevent them from sliding.

Each package includes 3 pairs of socks, and each pair has a double side anti-slip design and velcro straps to keep the socks in place.

# 6 – PupTeck Anti-Slip Dog Socks

What Are The Best Dog Socks For Hardwood Floors? (2020) 6

These socks from PupTeck come with an anti-slip paw-printed design that provides extra traction for your dog and prevents them from sliding on slippery surfaces.

There’s also button fixed Velcro strap on each sock to prevent them from falling off easily and to keep them in place.

The socks are available in 4 sizes ranging from small to extra large which can suit any dog breeds in any size, and they’re also easy to take off and on. They’re lightweight, breathable, and generally comfortable enough for your dog to wear every day.

# 7 – abcGoodefg Anti-Slip Dog Socks

What Are The Best Dog Socks For Hardwood Floors? (2020) 7

These stylish socks from ‘abcGoodefg’ should help to keep your dog’s feet warm and well-protected, along with preventing them from slipping on the floor.

They feature a non-slip waterproof rubber sole that gives reliable traction on wet surfaces, and they’ll also help to protect your furniture as well.

They’re made to be durable thanks to the quality materials, and they also promise to be comfortable for your dog to wear.

The socks come with adjustable straps to keep them in place, and you can choose from 4 available designs.

# 8 – Scirokko Anti-Slip Dog Socks

What Are The Best Dog Socks For Hardwood Floors? (2020) 8

These anti-slip dog socks from Scirokko come with a cute paw pattern to keep your dog’s paws warm and safe from injuries.

The socks are made from quality materials to give them reasonably good longevity, and they come with Velcro straps that ensure they stay in place and don’t slide off your dog’s feet.

These socks are available in two sizes – small and medium – and each pack comes with 3 pairs.

# 9 – Pawchie Dog Socks

What Are The Best Dog Socks For Hardwood Floors? (2020) 9

These socks from Pawchie are designed to give your dog some extra traction on hardwood floors, and this helps to prevent injuries while also keeping your dog’s paws cozy and wam.

They come with an anti-slip silicone gel print on the bottom which provides the extra traction, and they’re made from quality cotton which is both soft and comfortable. It also keeps your floors protected from unwanted scratches.

They’re available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large, so they’re perfect for any dog breed and size. Just make sure to properly measure your dog’s paws and refer to the size chart before buying.

# 10 – Lonsuneer Dog Boots

What Are The Best Dog Socks For Hardwood Floors? (2020) 10

These paw protecting dog socks from Lonsuneer come with a non-slip soft sole, along with breathable mesh fabric that’s hemmed by soft, durable cloth with flexible velcro cuffs at the top.

The design is ideal for all kinds of activities ranging from hiking to swimming or simply staying indoors.

They’re also easy to put on and off, and they’re available in 5 sizes, along with two color choices to suits your dog’s personality. Finally, they’re flexible, spacious, and gives a snug fit to your dog’s paws.

# 11 – Pet Life Dog Socks

What Are The Best Dog Socks For Hardwood Floors? (2020) 11

These dog socks from Pet Life are made from high-quality breathable cotton which makes them comfortable for your dog’s paws, and each sock features a rubberized grip for solid traction. to prevent slipping.

You can choose from 4 available colors, and they can be used for all seasons, as well as either indoors or outdoors. They’re also a nice gift idea for other pet owners.

Looking to buy some socks for your dog? If so, our guide reveals many of the top options on the market. Stop your dog slipping on hardwood floors.