What Are The Best Dog Ramps In 2020?

When it comes to loading your dog into a vehicle, nothing beats the convenience and ease offered by a high-quality pet ramp. Not only are these ramps generally quite lightweight and portable, but they also offer a safe and reliable way to load your dog into a car, truck, SUV, and more.

Just as you’d expect, the best dog ramps can be highly advantageous for older dogs who lack the strength or agility to jump into a car like they used to. They’re also ideal for any dog who’s dealing with mobility issues, arthritis, or hip dysplasia. In this guide, we’re going to highlight several of the best ramps on the market, so let’s dig in.

The Best Dog Ramps For 2020

# 1 – Original PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp

What Are The Best Dog Ramps In 2020? 1

PetStep’s original folding dog ramp is a good option for dogs of any size. As one of the most widely recommended dog ramps on the market, it delivers a simple yet effective design that should work well for most loading situations. The surface provides plenty of traction due to the rubberized walking surface and it’s also friendly to your dog’s paws, so it gives an assurance to both you and your dog that it’s safe and secure enough for regular use.

It benefits from an advanced composite plastic construction which means it can comfortably accommodate up to 500 lbs of weight without any worry, and the construction materials won’t corrode or rust. It’s also straightforward to fold the ramp in half, making it easy for storage or traveling with in your vehicle.

# 2 – WeatherTech PetRamp

What Are The Best Dog Ramps In 2020? 2

If you’re looking for a high-end, high-quality dog ramp, then this option from WeatherTech is worth a closer look. The design can handle weight of up to 300 lbs, and it comes with rubber feet on each end which gives the ramp a secure hold when your dog is going up or down on it.

It’s durable, lightweight, portable, and easy to clean, making it a good option for anyone who wants a reliable ramp for long term use.

Senior dogs will certainly benefit from the design as it offers a lot of security and convenience. The ramp has a good grip for your dog to walk along, and the surface gives plenty of traction to support your dog’s paws.

# 3 – Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp

What Are The Best Dog Ramps In 2020? 3

If you prefer free-standing ramps, then this design from Pet Gear is a top choice to consider. It’s particularly great for large vehicles such as SUVs or trucks, but it can also be used in a variety of other situations as well due to the free-standing design.

As such, you can also use this on the side of your bed or the sofa. Even though it’s a free-standing ramp, it’s surprisingly lightweight, as well as easy to fold and move around.

What’s more, the design is sturdy and durable enough to support a maximum weight of up to 200-300 lbs without any trouble. It provides plenty of safety and convenience, while the lock joints are a plus, and the platform is covered with a carpet material to give your dog sure-footing at all times.

# 4 – Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp

What Are The Best Dog Ramps In 2020? 4

Pet Gear’s lightweight dog ramp comes with an easy tri-fold design that’s compact, portable, and safe for your dogs to walk on. It comes with a safety tether along with rubber grippers to maintain the ramp’s stability, which is crucial for supporting your dog safely.

The ramp is also heavy-duty by design, and it’s strong enough to withstand weight of up to 150-200 lbs. The folding feature is very easy to use, and this makes the ramp ideal when loading and unloading your dog in the car.

It’s worth noting that the ramp comes with a carpeted surface that will feel comfortable for your dog to walk on, and this also helps your dog to have a better grip while they’re walking up and down.

# 5 – PetSafe Happy Ride Mini Dog Ramp

What Are The Best Dog Ramps In 2020? 5

This mini dog ramp from PetSafe is remarkably lightweight and durable, making it easy for you to move around and bring it along with you on any journey you’re making. The ramp can hold a maximum weight of 150 lbs, and it will give bigger dogs the security of getting in and out of your vehicle, especially for older dogs and dogs with injuries.

The compact size also means it can be used in the home, so your dog can use it to get on the sofa, for example. It uses a high traction surface so you don’t need to worry about your dog slipping and falling off the ramp, and there’s also guide rails along the side to keep your dog on the track.

# 6 – Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp

What Are The Best Dog Ramps In 2020? 6

If you need a convenient ramp for your doggos, then Pet Gear offers this portable and lightweight travel ramp that could be perfect for your furry friend. It supports small to large breed dogs and it’s sturdy enough to hold up to 200 lbs of your dog’s weight.

It’s highly recommended due to its good traction, while the raised edges ensure your dog won’t slip off the sides, and the pressure activated grip means your dog will always have a firm footing. The surface where your dog steps is also soft and very comfortable for your dog’s paws. Overall, it’s a well-made ramp that should serve your needs well.

# 7 – PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp

If you’re looking for a pet ramp that removes the hassle of getting your dog in and out of the car, then this option from PetSafe could be the right choice for you. This lightweight bi-fold pet ramp should help your pet get into a vehicle with far less stress to their joints (and yours as well!)

It’s a durable design that’s strong enough to accommodate weight of up to 150 pounds without any worry, and weighing only 10 lbs by itself, it’s no trouble to store it away whenever it’s not in use. The high traction surface and side rails ensure your dog’s footing is safe and secure at all times, while the safety latch will keep the ramp firmly rooted to the car to avoid any slipping.

# 8  – Pet Gear Step And Ramp Combination With supertraX

Here’s a 2-in-1 ramp and stair combination from Pet Gear that’s ideal for any dog weighing up to 15 lbs, and you can rest assured your dog will enjoy walking on it thanks to the soft mat which will protect your pet’s paws. Additionally, it’s fully detachable for cleaning purposes.

Of course, the design is lightweight and convenient to move around, while its sturdy structure will give your dog confidence and security while walking over it without stressing their joints.It’s recommended by most owners due to the comfort and convenience that it brings to any small dog, and the non-slip design makes it suitable for dog’s of any age.

# 9 – Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp

What Are The Best Dog Ramps In 2020? 7

Here’s a dog ramp from Gen7Pets which comes with the interesting addition of an artificial grass surface to give your dog the necessary traction for safe walking.

It’s a lightweight design that’s easy and simple to move around, while also being durable and sturdy enough to hold weight of up to 250 lbs.

Just as you’d expect, the grass surface will feel comfortable for your dog to walk on, and it can be doubly reassuring if your dog is feeling skeptical about walking on a rubberized dog ramp. The design is relatively compact but will fold out to give you 72 inches of length, which ensures a steady and gentle incline that your dog can use to enter your vehicle without any hassle.

# 10 – PetSafe Solvit Half Ramp II Pet Ramp

What Are The Best Dog Ramps In 2020? 8

Petsafe Solvit offers this Half-Ramp II model that’s a nice choice for anyone who needs a shorter ramp for their dog.

It’s made to be lightweight and durable, and it comes with non-slip rubber feet for the ramp’s stability which is particularly useful if your dog is having some mobility issues when it comes to getting inside your vehicle. Since the walking surface is rubber, you won’t need to worry about your dog slipping or sliding as it has enough traction to suit any kind of dog, along with a maximum weight capacity of 200 lbs. Most owners will find that it’s a well-designed, well-constructed and lightweight option that gives you a reliable loading solution when only a short ramp is needed.

# 11 – PetSafe Happy Ride Telescoping Dog Ramp

This Deluxe Telescoping pet ramp from PetSafe is made of aluminum and plastic to ensure it’s both lightweight and durable, and it’s able to support a maximum weight of up to 400 lbs. The ramp weighs only 13 pounds which ensures that it’s easy to lift and carry around when needed, while the high traction surface will reliably prevent any slipping or sliding when your dog is walking on it.

There are also 4 rubber feet which keep the design stable while it’s in use, and these should give you some confidence for senior dogs in particular, who may not be as agile as they once were. Furthermore, there’s a carry handle for easy transportation purposes and a safety latch that ensures it doesn’t open up when you don’t want it to, so it’s the ideal solution for keeping in your vehicle when not in use.

# 12 – Downtown Pet Supply Dog Foldable Pet Stairs

Looking for a weatherproof ramp? If so, Downtown Pet Supply offers its rubber grip ramp that’s built for the safety of your doggos. It’s lightweight and portable, and there’s also a rubber carrying handle for you to easily move it around when needed.

The design is sturdy and durable enough to hold a maximum weight of 150 lbs, and if you’re not a fan of the rubber traction, there’s also a grass option that will give your dog’s paws plenty of comfort. The ramp will fold down for compact storage, and it’s a good solution for traveling in the car. The locking mechanism also works to keep it nice and secure whenever it’s bearing the weight of your dog.

# 13 – Pet Trex Titan Telescoping Aluminum Pet Ramp

The Pet Trex ramp offers a convenient telescoping feature, and it’s made out of lightweight aluminum and rigid plastic to give you plenty of stability.

It can hold weight up to a maximum of 220 lbs, and the side sections make it easier to unfold it and attach it to your vehicle, while also keeping your dog safely centered while they’re walking on it. Of course, this makes it a good option for older dogs or dogs with medical problems who will benefit from the extra help into the vehicle.

When it’s fully unfolded it’ll cover a length of 62 inches, giving you plenty of space to access higher locations without having to make the incline too steep or uncomfortable for your dog.

# 14 – Internet’s Best Small Adjustable Pet Ramp

What Are The Best Dog Ramps In 2020? 9

This dog ramp from Internet’s Best offers a simple design that’s best suited for climbing smaller heights, such as beds or couches.

It can hold up to a maximum weight of 175 lbs, and the collapsible design can easily be adjusted up to 3 levels – 10, 13 and 16 inches for some added versatility.

While it’s best to use it indoors, the design can be unobtrusive in any lounge, so you can leave it where your dog needs it the most, so it’s particularly useful for older dogs who can use the help getting onto a bed or sofa, for example. The surface texture is carpet-like which further aids your dog’s stability when they’re walking over it, and it’s gentle enough on their claws and paws to not cause any issue in this regard.

# 15 – Merry Products Collapsible Dog & Cat Ramp

What Are The Best Dog Ramps In 2020? 10

Looking for a ramp that will suit both your dogs and your bed or couch? If so, this collapsible ramp from Zoovilla has three adjustable levels which let you adjust it to your desired height, and it’s elegant look means it’ll blend in nicely with most furniture styles.

It’s portable and easy for your dog to use, while the reliable construction will give you some confidence in terms of its durability and longevity.

It can accommodate all types and sizes of dog with a maximum weight capacity of 125 lbs, and the gentle incline makes it a comfortable experience for any dog who uses it regularly. While the traction may be somewhat lacking at times, it’s a reasonable option for lighter or smaller dogs to use.

# 16 – Goplus 8FT Pet Ramp

What Are The Best Dog Ramps In 2020? 11

The Goplus aluminum folding ramp is a compact and lightweight solution that’s ideal for all dog sizes, and it can comfortably take a maximum weight of up to 250 lbs. With its paw-friendly traction surface, it provides enough grip for most dogs to have an easy and safe walking experience over it.

There’s also a carry handle that makes moving and storing more convenient. The long length of this dog ramp is ideal for dogs with hip and back problems, as the angle of the ramp makes it easier for them to climb up and go down without having to struggle.It also earns praise for its overall sturdiness and durability, as well as the non-slip surface.

# 17 – PetSTEP HalfSTEP Pet Ramp

What Are The Best Dog Ramps In 2020? 12

Petstep’s half step dog ramp is a sturdy and hard-working model that can accommodate a maximum weight of up to 500 lbs.

Made out of advanced composite plastic, this dog ramp offers unrivaled stability and durability, while the surface traction relies on a unique rubber surface that’s comfortable on your dog’s paws without any risk of slipping.

The ramp is fairly compact, so it’s limited to accessing heights no greater than 21 inches, and it’s best suited for smaller dogs or any pooch that needs some reliable assistance with getting into a vehicle.

# 18 – Prairie View Industries Portable Singlefold Ramp

Here’s a multipurpose ramp from Prairie View Industries that will give your dog easy access when going into or out of your vehicle or any higher ground. Built to be both durable and sturdy, the ramp’s surface is covered with an anti-slip resistant tape for secure traction at all times.

Interestingly, the design can accommodate up to 800 lb of weight, as it’s also built with wheelchairs and scooters in mind, so you can rest assured that it’ll be able to take a great deal of weight without any trouble. It’s also very lightweight and portable while coming in several different sizes to suit various purposes you may have in mind.

Need a ramp to help your dog get in your vehicle or just on the sofa? If so, this guide highlights many of the best dog ramps on the market.