What’s The Best Coat For Large Dogs? Our Favorite Picks

While dogs already come with a coat that’s designed to keep them warm and protected from the elements, it can often be beneficial to purchase some additional protection, especially if your dog is going to be exposed to particularly cold, windy, or wet weather.

Ultimately, this can keep your dog feeling much more comfortable – just as long as you’ve purchased the coat that your dog likes to wear (because many of them can be quite uncomfortable due to the overall design or sizing issues).

In this guide, you’ll find a selection of excellent coats that are best suited to keeping larger dogs protected from cold weather. So bearing this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the key options we selected to show you.

# 1 – Zack & Zoey Polyester Nor’easter Coat

What's The Best Coat For Large Dogs? Our Favorite Picks 1

Our first pick is this warm dog blanket/coat from Zack & Zoey. These coats come in a variety of colors which gives you plenty of choices, and they’re also available in several sizes – many of which are suitable for large dogs.

Additionally, the coat is fully waterproof and reversible, while also coming with a reflective stripe that helps to increase your dog’s visibility when you’re outdoors in poor light conditions.

The 100% polyester construction makes the coat very durable while the fleece lining helps to keep your dog warm and comfortable while wearing the coat.

# 2 – Shearling Fleece Dog Winter Coat

This comfortable and warm looking coat is perfect for winter, and thanks to its soft and cozy polyester fleece lining, combined with the faux suede outer coating, it makes for a great choice.

What’s more, the coat will last for a long time and will easily be able to keep your dog very warm in cold weather conditions.

It comes in both large and extra-large sizes, which should be able to accommodate most large breeds, and it uses a soft adjustable belly belt which ensures a snug fit, as well as protects against drafts that may blow beneath your dog.

Overall, this is a great jacket that’s loved by many dog owners as well as their dogs themselves. It also comes at a very reasonable price, too.

# 3 – PAWZ Road Pet Clothes Winter Warm Vest

What's The Best Coat For Large Dogs? Our Favorite Picks 2

Here’s another very affordable option for large dogs, this time created by company known as Pawz Road.

The coat comes in several large sizes, so just as long as you take the measurements of your dog, you should be able to find a size that matches.

Keep in mind that this particular jacket comes with around 10 size options, so measuring your dog first will ensure you get the perfect fit if you’re choosing this option.

The outer layer is water-resistant while the inner layer is very soft and warm so it should do a good job of keeping your dog protected from the elements. It also uses a zipper closure which makes it very simple to put the coat on and off your dog.

# 4 – i’Pet Dog Hooded Rain Slicker Waterproof Jacket

What's The Best Coat For Large Dogs? Our Favorite Picks 3

This jacket will do a good job keeping a dog warm, but it’s often best for those times when your dog will be out in the rain – thanks to the slick waterproof outer coating and the addition of the hood.

It comes in four different size options, and you should be able to pick one that’s suitable for most medium to large size breeds.

It comes with an adjustable belly strapped to ensure a comfortable fit, and the coat is comprised of 2 different layers. The outer layer is constructed of a waterproof material, mostly nylon and polyester while the inside is a mesh-like fabric that’s 100% polyester.

Overall, this is a good option for anybody who needs a coat that will protect their dog in wet and windy conditions.

# 5 – Casual Canine Reflective Dog Jacket

What's The Best Coat For Large Dogs? Our Favorite Picks 4

This coat comes in a range of sizes, three of which are specifically designed to accommodate larger breeds.

One of the best features of this jacket is the reflective material that’s used on the outside, which helps to increase the visibility of your dog in poor light conditions.

Additionally, the brushed velvet and polyester material makes it very soft and comfortable for your dog, so it’s a good choice for dogs who may not always enjoy wearing a coat due to the discomfort they can sometimes represent.

However, some people have had issues with the sizing, believing the sizes can run small, so it’s important to check the size guide carefully before you place an order.

# 6 – Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater

What's The Best Coat For Large Dogs? Our Favorite Picks 5

Our final pick is this stylish option which is less of a coat and more a sweater by design. In fact, the boyfriend sweater design looks very flattering on most dogs, but you can rest assured that it also does a good job of keeping your dog warm.

Of course, this sweater isn’t a good option for wet and windy weather, but if you’re simply looking for something that will keep your dog warm, then this is a decent solution.

It comes in a range of sizes, four of which are classed as ‘large’– and the ‘extra extra extra large’ should be able to accommodate the biggest of dogs.