What’s The Best Bike Trailer For My Dog In 2020? Here’s Our In-Depth Guide

If you want to bring your dog for your next bike ride, then buying a reliable dog trailer is a very smart thing to do.

While it may be possible to use a bike basket for a small breed dog or puppy, it’s safe to say that a dog bike trailer is a better choice if you have a medium or larger breed. What’s more, it can make your life a whole lot easier when you’re bringing your dog in a trailer rather than having them run along beside you, especially if you have an older dog or you’re traveling near roads.

In this guide, we’re going to focus on some of the best bike dog trailers on the market, so let’s take a closer look.

# 1 – Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

What's The Best Bike Trailer For My Dog In 2020? Here's Our In-Depth Guide 1

Here’s a fantastic bike trailer made by Schwinn, and it comes in two models, the first being the ‘Rascal’ for dogs up to 50 lbs and the second being the ‘Rascal Plus’ for dogs up to 100 lbs.

The frame is made from tough steel construction that gives it the strength to support your dog’s weight with ease, and there’s an internal leash that keeps your dog from jumping out of the trailer.

There’s also a rear door that can be used for your dog to enter and exit, and there’s enough air ventilation to keep your dog cool and comfortable while riding behind you.

Overall, this is a popular and reliable dog bike trailer that scores great feedback from most dog owners, and it’s generally a choice that won’t let you down.

# 2 – PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout II Dog Bicycle Trailer

What's The Best Bike Trailer For My Dog In 2020? Here's Our In-Depth Guide 2

Here’s a popular bike trailer from PetSafe which is available in medium and large sizes, both of which use a sturdy yet lightweight aluminium frame that’ll give you confidence in your dog’s safety while you’re riding.

It uses either 16-inch or 20-inch tires (depending on which frame size you order), and these give your dog a comfortable ride even if your dog is on the heavier side. Importantly, the trailer uses a waterproof floorboard to keep your dog dry, and the overall design is very simple to put together as well as easy to maintain.

Another nice feature is the multiple pockets which can be used for a variety of storage purposes such as carrying treats, water bottles, leashes, and more.

# 3 – DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer

What's The Best Bike Trailer For My Dog In 2020? Here's Our In-Depth Guide 3

Here’s a handy mini bike trailer that’s ideal for smaller dogs due to its smaller size, and it comes with a powdered steel frame along with a tough 600 denier nylon to give your dog a safe place to ride along with you while you’re cycling.

A great feature of this trailer is its ability to quickly and easily fold down simply by releasing a single pin, while the interior leash ensures your dog stays safe inside.

Furthermore, the front panel helps to keep the rain away while the rear access door can be used for taking your dog out or putting them inside. You’ll also find a convenient pouch in the door which can be used to store any accessories you need to bring with you.

# 4 – Burley Design Tail Wagon Bike Trailer

What's The Best Bike Trailer For My Dog In 2020? Here's Our In-Depth Guide 4

This large, stable bike trailer made by Burley comes with additional side battens to increase the stability, and the wide, open interior can comfortably accommodate a dog of up to 75 lbs without too much trouble.

It comes with an all-weather cover that gives your dog plenty of protection when you’re cycling in cold, wet, or windy weather, and the heavy-duty mesh cover offers your dog lots of airflow for a comfortable journey every time.

The trailer also features quick-release alloy wheels that measure in at 16 inches, which further aid the comfort and stability of the ride.

# 5 – Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Trailer

Here’s a stylish looking bike trailer that can also be used as a stroller thanks to the 2-in-1 design, and it comes with a fabric window that gives your dog a good view of the sights outside.

There’s an easy braking system that gives you good control while using it as a stroller, and the simple yet effective hitching system makes it a breeze to attach to your bike.

The trailer is generally well-made and sturdy due to the steel frame and the polyester does a reliable job of protecting your dog from the elements.

# 6 – Petego Comfort Wagon Bicycle Pet Trailer

Here’s a large, premium quality bike trailer from PetGo which offers a strong aluminum frame that doesn’t add much weight but still delivers impeccable stability, and the 4-sided mesh cabin unzips to make your life simple when it comes to loading and unloading your dog.

Importantly, this model comes with suspension which is sure to enhance the ride comfort for your dog, and this is ideal for older dogs or bigger breeds whose weight is more likely to impact stability.

Another top feature is the general size and spaciousness of the design, and some dog owners will find it a great option for carrying more than one dog at a time. Ultimately, it’s another top choice for anyone who’s looking for a high-quality, reliable bike trailer.

# 7 – Instep Robin Two Seat Portable Bike Trailer

Here’s a two-seat bike trailer that can be used for either pets or children, and it comes in two color options of either orange or blue.

If features a roll-up weather shield that protects your dogs from the elements, and the padded seating area offers some additional support and comfort.

Interestingly, the design relies on a folding frame which will fold laterally for convenience, while the zippered entry and exit points mean it’s easy to load your dog in and out as needed.

Attaching the trailer to your bike is also straightforward thanks to the universal trailer attachement.

# 8 – Sepnine 2-in-1 Small Sized Bike Trailer

Here’s a 2-in-1 trailer / stroller model from Sepnine, and the medium-sized build makes it suitable for dogs up to 66 lbs.

It comes with suspension that helps to make the journey smoother and more comfortable for your dog, and the design will fold down quickly and easily for storage purposes. There are also no tools needed for this process which further adds to the convenience.

Overall, the design wins some praise from buyers for its general build quality and easy assembly, and it’s particularly useful for anyone who wants to take advantage of the trailer/stroller hybrid design.

# 9 – ibiyaya 2-in-1 Heavy Duty Dog Stroller/Pull Behind Bike Trailer

This model from Ibiyaya is another 2-in-1 design that comes in a compact size and with a weight limit of 50 lb, while the 2-in-1 function means you can use it as a trailer or a stroller, whichever you prefer.

When used as a trailer, you can connect the model on either the left or the right side for convenience, and the rear entry feature means it’s simple to put your pet inside.

There’s a large storage pocket that’s useful for holding a few items you’d like to travel with, and the large mesh window at the front gives excellent ventilation when you’re on the move.

# 10 – Rage Powersports Red Pull-Behind Dog Bicycle Trailer

This model from Rage Powersports uses a simple pull-behind tow design to carry your pet along with you on any bike ride.

It comes with a universal hitch attachment which shouldn’t have any trouble with connecting to most 24” to 28” bikes, and the 20” wheels give you enough stability for most general use.

There’s a mesh window that lets adequate airflow come in when you’re riding, and the front and rear access doors give you an easy way to load and unload your dog when needed.

In terms of frame construction, the steel tube design gives plenty of assurance when it comes to durability and stability.

# 11 – Sepnine & Leonpets 2-in-1 Medium Dog Bike Trailer

This medium-sized dog bike trailer comes in four different color options, and most conveniently, it can be used as either a trailer or jogger depending on your requirements. What’s more, it’s very simple to make the conversion between the two different setups.

You can fold the trailer completely flat which makes your life easier when you’re storing it away, and the universal bike hitch makes connection a breeze. The tough steel frame is also reliable enough and shouldn’t give you any problems.

# 12 – Booyah Large Pet Bike Trailer With Shocks

Here’s a larger bike trailer model from Booyah, and it’s another 2-in-1 design that doubles as a stroller as well as a bike trailer, and in this mode, it also offers a manual brake.

The trailer should give your dog a comfortable ride thanks to the built-in shock absorbers, and the mesh sides along with the open sunroof give your dog plenty of ventilation while they’re sat inside, and it also means they can enjoy the trip more, too. These mesh panels are zippered so it’s no trouble to put your pet in and out of the trailer.

Overall, it’s a lightweight, convenient solution for older dogs who don’t have the same level of endurance as they used to.

# 13 – Sepnine Dog 2-in-1 Medium Dog Bike Trailer

The Sepnine brand makes a few popular bike trailer-and-stroller combos, and this option may be worth a look if you like the design. It comes in three color choices and it benefits from a dual entry setup which allows you to load your dog through the front or back.

The medium size means it can comfortably accommodate most dogs of up to 66 pounds, and it will give them plenty of airflow and visibility thanks to the use of mesh windows. You can also fold the entire thing down to a smaller size for convenient storage purposes.

# 14 – Sepnine Leopets 2-in-1 Medium Bike Trailer / Cage

Here’s a stylish looking bike trailer that comes in three different color schemes, and each option comes with suspension which helps to keep the ride smooth and comfortable for your dog.

It doesn’t require any tools or equipment to put together, and you can quickly fold it down whenever you need to store or transport it.

The compact size makes it great for small to medium breeds, and it certainly provides a well-built, high-quality transportation system for anyone who wishes to enjoy a cycle ride with their dog.

# 15 – MDOG2 MK0062A Pet Bike Trailer

This pet bike trailer from MDog2 has a focus on comfort, and in this regard, it seems to do very well indeed.

It relies on a two-section roof-front design which helps to keep your dog comfy, and it should be able to accommodate a range of breeds thanks to this style. It also comes with quick-release wheels combined with easy folding capability, so storing it while not in use shouldn’t be an issue.

# 16 – Booyah Small Dog Pet Bike Bicycle Trailer

If you have a smaller dog to cater for then this small-sized dog trailer from Booyah could be the right match for you.

It comes with several useful features such as the 3-layer sunroof which can be used either closed, with a mesh screen, or entirely open, and it also comes with reflectors that help to improve its visibility.

Most dog owners will find that the trailer provides plenty of space for small dogs, and it’s easy to connect to your bike in just a few moments. While it could benefit from some added suspension, it should still be a comfy ride on smooth surfaces.

Want to take your dog for a bike ride? If so, this guide on the best bike trailers for dogs will help you out. It covers all of the top brands and reveals the best options on the market.