Training & Behavior

Overcoming dog behavioral problems is easily one of the most difficult aspects of dog ownership. As much as we love our dogs, certain behavior issues can make it very difficult to enjoy the kind of rewarding relationship that both you and your pet deserve.

With this in mind, we aim to give you detailed step-by-step guides for curing many of the most common behavior problems you’re liking to come across.

What’s more, we’ll be adding to this database over time, so feel free to contact us to request any specific guides you’d be interested in reading. But in the meantime, please browse through the list below to find the advice you’re looking for.

How to stop your dog from chewing!

How do you stop your dog from eating dirt?

How to stop your dog from barking at people

How do you stop a dog from climbing the fence?

How do you stop your dog from begging?

How to stop your dog from counter surfing

How to stop your dog chasing cars

How to stop your dog peeing in the house!

How to stop a dog from wetting the bed

How to stop your dog from biting or nipping

How to stop your dog from chasing birds, squirrels, and other wildlife

How do you get your dog to stop eating rocks?

How to stop a puppy crying when left alone

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How to stop your dog attacking the mail (or the mailman!)

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Tips for dealing with a dog’s separation anxiety

Dealing with jealousy between dogs

How to handle a nervous dog (submissive peeing, fear of noise, and more)

How to stop your dog chewing your shoes

How to stop your dog from jumping on people

How to house train your puppy (or even an adult dog!)

How to stop your dog biting out of fear

How to stop your dog mounting your leg

How to stop your dog digging holes

How to stop your dog chasing his own tail

My dog doesn’t come when I call – what should I do?

What to do about jealousy and rivalry between dogs

What to do when your dog gets overexcited easily

How to train your dog to stop pulling on the leash

How to stop your dog from stealing food

How to overcome a dog’s OCD-like (CCD) behavior

General Advice:

Successful dog training can be easier than you think, just as long as you have the right methods. Below, you’ll find a collection of articles and guides that focus on general training principles and techniques.

Built on the premise of kind, positive, and ethical training – we only support non-aggressive techniques for training your dog in basic obedience, overcoming behavioral problems, and even training your dog to perform a few tricks!

The following guides lay a framework for successful dog training, as well as teach you the core tenets of our philosophy and overall approach. We hope you find this information useful.

When is the best time to train your dog?

How to crate train your puppy

Understanding & curing bad habits

How to make your dog listen to you

Teaching your dog to lie down on command

Daily grooming essentials (and how it can improve his behavior, too!)

How to teach your dog to come when you call

How to reward your dog effectively

Puppy house training methods that really work

Your dog won’t listen to his owner? Here’s what to do…

5 Crucial commands every dog needs to know